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by esk
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Hi ,

I've found a quick and easy method to make some sells.

Step 1: For this method you must infiltrade forums in your niche. If you are a vendor you don't want them to recognize you as the vendor. So pick a normal name and don't have a link in the signatur.

Step 2:Start posting and give away some content. Try to really position yourself as one of them.

Step 3: Lookout for people that are having problems.(which your product can solve). Especially problems that could not be solve with a quick forumpost.

Step 4: Just write this people a pm " Hey I've read your post. Sometime ago I've had the same problem, I was using method xyz and it really helped me out alot. (Affiliatelink)"

Step 5: Nothing more to do, just watch the money comin in.

20% of my PMs result in a sale. I'm doing this every day in 8 different forums. Unfortunatly there not always people with problems to solve and sometimes your product can't solve the problem. But this method is very very very profitable for me compared to the required time.
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    This is a method I use and is very effective. May I add that you can find high traffic forums in your niche at Big Boards?
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    quantcast.com is also very good to verify high traffic forums
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      I've heard about this method a while ago...

      I'm thinking of trying this one, but have a few questions first though:

      1. Can you get banned? What if someone realizes you're trying to make cash off him/her and notifies one of the moderators?

      2. How do you hide your affiliate link?
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