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I have used ejunkie to sell ebooks for some time. I am now selling some video courses and the files are quite large. Can anyone tell me what you use for these larger files? I'm new to this area and would like something easy to use. I do not mind paying for a service.
Thanks for the help!
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    Have you thought about using Amazon's S3 service? It's very affordable. You can easily control access to files there and the redundancy of their storage systems means you're likely to never 'lose' a file.

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    I use DPD (DPD Shopping Cart | The Easy Way to Sell Downloads, Keycodes, and Tangible Goods) <---not affiliate link...

    You get a free trial for the first month then it starts at just 5 dollars, I have like 13 products through them and i pay ten bucks a month and I can still add 7 more products before the next price increase...

    Also, they integrate with PayPal, PayDotCom, Clickbank, Aweber & Mailchimp, along with some others so you can add customers automatically to your lists as well...

    Hope this helps
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    I find E-junkie with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to be a very solid and affordable service.
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    I would also use Amazon S3 in conjunction with DLGuard so that the acutal file link can't be discovered by your customer.

    I currently sell several products that are in the 150-200 MB range and it works fine on my Bluehost account with DLGuard. But as my files become bigger (more video, etc) I'll just use Amazon S3.
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    • Originally Posted by James Hessler View Post

      Hi, I have 3 tutorial videos made Im selling that total just under 700mb. I use Bluehost and have an amazon s3 account. I've put the videos through handbrake to reduce them as far as I can go, without loosing to much resolution (shot in HDV) One vid is 148mb, one 298 and one 254mb (over and under 1 hour long) They are purely for download, and have no wish to stream them online. Can anyone please advise what is my best course of action. should I zip lock all three, individually, would this reduce download time...I also have an easy video player 2 account...

      Any help would be appreciated.


      It's not nice to hijack someone else's thread. You might try starting your own. It's free. :rolleyes:
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    Hi Bradley,
    Apologies. I didn't stop to think about that, I'll delete the question, if possible. Thanjs for your heads up

    The BEST web TV show on the Internet

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    Hi Madison,

    As Chris mentioned, the latest DLGuard integrates with Amazon S3, and allows you to sell large downloadable files all automatically.

    I have clients selling 2 GB+ files without any problems at all.

    The benefit of using DLGuard instead of straight Amazon is you can set up secure download links intead of having to make your links public (and therefore sharable).

    If you have any questions, let me know - I'm happy to help!

    DLGuard v5 - The Warrior Edition
    Full integration with JVZoo, DigiResults, and WSO Pro for secure WSO's and WSO memberships.
    Serving the Warrior Forum since 2004
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