How Can I Make Decent Money from Flipping Domains

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I have no experience of making money from flipping domains, but I bought a domain name on a whim a little while ago thinking it might be worth something in the future. The domain is related to a particular event in a couple of years time so I figure I will put it up for sale nearer to the time of this event.

It might be worth thousands or it might be worth diddly squat - what do I know?! At the moment it is just parked, but I was wondering how to best maximise my chances of making some money from this. Should I just leave it parked, or should I throw up a page of content and link to it, etc???
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    Gene Pimental has a domain flipping guide in the war room. You should check it out.
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    I have flipped a ton of domain names. In general the ones that I have which I consider valuable just sit there. Its the small business that usually pays for mine. I have flipped a domain in one day from purchasing. Another couple of them I did within 2 weeks. But on the whole I have them for long term benefits. But I would definately either develop the domain or park them for revenue.
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