CD/DVD fulfillment company wanted in Australia and US

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I am going to be selling a DVD/CD product on both Ebay and online and seeking a fulfillment company that can do single unit quantity orders.

Can you recommend a company in both Australia and the US?


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    I don't know of any in Australia (perhapes some Aussie Warriors could point you in the right direction) but in the US I've used Vervante. Ask for Cindy.
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    I posted this on a thread earlier. Hope it helps.
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    Having used Kunaki for 3 years, the only problem on this thread that I have experienced is that I cannot include a manual or small booklet with the CD/DVD and that they do not ship to certain countries.

    They are competitive in terms of price.

    I am not quite sure what the issue is with their speed of delivery. I sell ebooks (on DVD's and CD's)on ebay and ship across the world, Canada inclusive. I can't quite recall exactly how long it takes but I have never, once in 3 years had any complaints from my clients that the shipment took too long.

    You CAN customize your CD Covers. I promote my ebay store and relevant products on my DVD sleeves. As I designed my sleeves and set them up as templates years ago, I do not recall if I get charged extra for using color designs, but even if I do, they are still competitive.

    Now customer service wise, I happen to think they are fantastic. It is stated on their website something along the lines that they do not offer customer service or very little, but everytime I have had an issue and had to contact them, by email, they have responded promptly, even on weekends and resolved my issue in my favor every single time. Even at a cost to themselves. I have to say that before I contact them, I have to go through their comprehensive FAQ list to make sure that the solution is not there. Bear in mind that they keep customer service to a minimum so as be able to give us such fantastic rates.

    I sent a DVD to a client in Germany and after two weeks, he informed me that he did not get it. I tracked it and saw that it was delivered. On informing Kunaki, the client was promptly sent another copy at no cost to me. A week later, my client emailed me telling me that the DVD was in fact delivered. Kunaki could very easily have ignored my email or informed me that the DVD was delivered. But they chose to send out another copy. That was not the only time they have carried this expense to keep me happy. So it is understandable when they decide to exclude countries where they get too many complaints from.
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      i've got loads of new products to put on discs and on my site.
      gonna put a few on ebay soon to see how sales go.
      i been thinking about going to kunaki, but at the moment ive been putting them on disc my self. i can make covers no problem.
      i'm trying to find a decent one in the uk,but its amazing how its cheaper from kunaki new york to uk than producing them from here.
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    I recommend one of the best company in uk which is ProFS: Professional Fulfilment Services in Jersey. The services encompass managing the supply chain process from the manufacturer or wholesaler through the entire fulfilment process and finally distribution to the end consumer.
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    I just launched my own business selling adult products internationally. I use a company based in Cranleigh called JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd. I met with a few fulfilment companies and I found JEM to be the most competitively priced company. They were also very insightful on advising me the best ways to package and ship my products internationally.

    If you want a company that is flexible, accommodating and wont break the bank I would suggest JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd. They are based in the UK but offer global fulfilment solutions.

    the website is here: JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd.

    or :
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