How to get Viral video to skyrocket to a million views

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Whenever you think about something too hard
You always end up nowhere
However, when you implement something very silly
and obvious to the people on the video for the sole
purpose of marketing, the video all of a sudden
becomes very powerful, funny and may even get
you on the front page of youtube.

Ask me how to make it happen?
#1. Timing. Music and video actions
#2. Make it funny. So people will laugh their buns off

I am working on a marketing video and this is tune i will be using:

let me know what you think about this tune:
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    You can make your video interesting. You can make your video useful. You can make your video funny. You can get it out to all the right audiences.

    You cannot make a video viral. That only happens on its own.

    You also can't use that music as the theme for your marketing video, as it'd constitute copyright infringement, with potential jail time and statutory damages of up to $30,000 per copy. Rights to this song are held by Nonesuch Records, a Warner Bros. Records label. Use in a marketing video would not constitute a fair use exemption.
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