Using The Same Username For Social Sites Bad?

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Ok so I wanted to make things more organized and easier. When I signed up for around 30 social bookmarking sites I used the same username. Im curious if search engines can pick up on this can penalize your sites that are linked to these sites?

Im just wondering if theres any penality to using the same username for social sites. I mean it seems search engines could figure out that 30 backlinks from social sites coming from a guy bobbythekid is spamming. Do I have anything to worry about here? Thanks
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    I use the same user name and password for ALL these kinds of sites. It keeps things easier to remember. Now, I only have to remember my log ins for my secured sites.

    Why would Google penalize a user who is using a site the way it was designed? A LOT of people, especially "Internet Newbies" do this sort of thing.
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    I have never heard of this happening but anything is possible. Search engines are definitely getting smarter and smarter.
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    well I mean it just seems that this would be easy to reconize and prevent scam. If you see 30 of the same usernames being used to promote 30 of the same sites on 30 social bookmarking sites it would raise red flags with Google.

    I mean maybe I sound paranoid but this just seems logical to me. Im wondering if I need to create new accounts with different user names. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks
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      I've used the same username for all the different social bookmarking sites I've signed up for, and have never had this problem. I do think it's a bit paranoid to use a different username for every individual site (not to mention very annoying after a while).

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    I think i can answer your questions since i do social bookmarking for a living now.

    Its never bothered me before using same username and password for my accounts.

    I do have multiple account at multiple sites so i cant like have so many types of user name and password. Otherwise i will forget.

    So it has never been any trouble for me nor been trouble to any of my clients that ask me to do social bookmarking for them.

    Perhaps in the future things will change, but for now..

    Its still safe.

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    I'm "jamesburchill" everywhere. My passwords are different for each site. I've been 'at this' for ages and have never experienced any issues. It's not spamming anyway, it's being "real" and maintaining continuity. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    James Burchill ~ Bestselling Author & Coursepreneur
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    ok thanks guys! Ive always wondered about this and just thought maybe some people might have experienced something negative with this. Nothing yet If anyone has feel free to post, thanks
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    Don't think it will be a problem

    thats my 2 cents

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    I have never heard anyone bring this issue up, but maybe it come be something we are all over looking?
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    I'd put this in the "not worth worrying about" category. You just gotta do what works for you and what makes your life easier. I use the same user name on every social site so people can find me easily. I appreciate it when other people do to because, increasingly, I see the same people on Twitter, WF, Facebook, etc.
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    I'm kohuether everywhere as well. first initial, middle initial, last name. It makes it easier and it's helped me connect with the same people on various sites across the internet. If my username changed, I wouldn't have that benefit. It's nice to be "known"!
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    It honestly depends on how you plan to use that particular account on those social sites. If you're just trying to get your self out there to help legitimize you and your knowledge then you should be fine. If your using it spam social media sites don't use those accounts.

    Do this, create an email account based on the keyword your targeting then use that to create the actual account while using the same keyword as your user name on the social sites. (assuming availability) In general you want to use multiple accounts if your going to game the social media sites.

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    A Friend of mine works for a company who needed to find a person who dissapeared after making a deal with them.

    This person put their real email address in a contract but a fake home and work address and phone number. Yes, for some reason they used thier real yahoo address with their nickname.

    He searched the email name and found the same nickname on myspace.

    The person on myspace mentioned where they worked. My friend called the place of employment and asked if "so and so" were in. The real name he got from myspace matched a worker and they said, "No, but, they will be in tomorrow."

    My friend was waiting to take care of a very minor business matter when the person came to work but being upset they drew the attention of the police. Upon asking some questions the Policeman turned to my friend and said "How did you find this person, we've been looking for them for a year for several warrants."

    I bet they wished they did not use their same nickname on email and myspace.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Thanks alot for all of the replies guys. But what im using these social sites for is building backlinks. Im not really using them to build reputation, just to build backlinks to some sites. So I suppose it could appear spammy after a while?
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    I may be way off base here, but I feel that building a reputation is as important as backlinks for the long term.


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    i feel both is important roger.
    Backlinks gives u more exposure

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    Well im doing an experiment so to speak and its for the purpose of building backlinks. So im not too worried about building my reputation right now. But I understand what your saying Roger.

    If anyone else has any experience with what im talking about please feel free to chime in

    Thanks all!
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    I use the same name on most social networking sites. This provides continuity and makes it easier for myself and others. I want my handle to stick in others minds. On most sites you will find me as AKdude. If you look, you will also find my real name and info in the profiles.

    Shane (aka AKdude)
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    A lot of users go to a site, sign up, and then pretty much forget about it. This is common, unless the site has a ton of exposure, like My Space has. You are doing what many people do, and Google can't read your mind. So it can't differentiate between you and a teenager who found a "cool" site and then forgot about it. It's an algorithm; not ESP.
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