my new website design, but im not earning

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Hello all first of all let me ask you guys to tell me about my site design

we just redesigned the website Inditop - Top Bollywood Entertainment News & Event Pictures

so kindly give me the suggestion,review on its looks and placements

another thing is that im no earning good money in it and regularly facing loss , pls guide me how to win in this battle
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    Dear Buddy....You have not made its backlinks...i have checked your backlinks...lot of your backlinks are no follow...and your anchor text is also not your keyword...make its backlinks with your selected that more traffic = more money
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    As a starter, you must hire some paid ad network to boost traffic initially. I have seen your website with some cool pics. But it will be more impressive if you can add some flash galleries. Do some SEO work to improve your traffic.

    They have over 2300 Offers, Instant PayPal Payments and Free Training Articles.
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    Are you spending money to promote the site?

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    How much and where is the traffic coming from?
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    I think you have an issue here with monetization via Adsense.

    I'm not sure if you'll be able to get Adsense ads displayed that are targeted enough for your site visitors, as I clicked around and found totally unrelated ads showing up. If the ads are irrelevant, I highly doubt that you're going to get many clicks (or anything at all) on them.

    I feel that you probably have to find a better form of monetization than Adsense.
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    CPM ad banners I would say for an entertainment niche
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      I would prefer to say that you must have to get backlinks,traffic,visitors to the site also used the advertisement method for the site that makes popularity in the market also makes the visibility in the market of the site banner advertisement is one of the best.

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    I looked at your site.

    It seems that by writing articles about all the different Bollywood actresses that you would mostly be attracting traffic that isn't really interested in buying at the moment they visit your site.

    What you would probably want to do is start making more posts about the different Bollywood products. That way the people who find you in the search engines would be those who are interested in buying something because they typed a product related keyword in to find you.

    Also, be sure to back link every one of your posts or you won't rank high enough in the search engines to be found.

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