Interesting report on online media usage

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The State of the Media report by the Pew Research Center has a lot of information on all forms of news media, including online media, online advertising statistics given in 18 graphs and tables includes:

Millions spent on internet advertising (these smallish numbers must for a sampling):
Search $12.37
Banner Ads $5.86
Classified $2.53
Lead Gen $1.29
Rich Media $1.57
Video $1.42
Sponsorship $0.50
Email $0.24

Growth trend graphs show 2 of these 8 channels; Email and Lead Gen had dropped in 2010.

While mobile currently account for only 3% of online advertising, it grew 79% in 2010. They report text messages as the dominant form of mobile advertising among the 4 types referenced.

Growth projections through 2014 show Video as the front runner
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