What is the best wordpress theme for a blog?

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I got a problem with my allure theme after i update wordpress to 3.1 version, latest one, and lately i found out that this theme is no longer compatible with this wordpress 3.1 version.
So, i want you to make some recommendations. What theme you use and is working properly, i mean no bugs when loged in as admin and reasonable loading time.
I prefer the 3 column theme design but if you got something that works OK on WP 3.1 let me know.:confused:

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  • I think you should try the heatmap theme. you could install the free version that is available in wordpress plugin search before opting for the paid version.

    However i am a fan of plain white themes, so that user can focus on quality content. Have not had much success with plain themes but have been trying to make my content more readable with images and tables.
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      Thanks kris, i've seen the presentation video and i liked it.
      I'm waiting for other experienced themes.

      Again thanks for your time!
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    I use Flexibility 3, and there is no issues with WP latest update.
    It is very easy to use.
    You can find out more here Flexibility Theme for WordPress
    Click on the image below and you will see the interface within WP admin

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      Flexibility 3 and Arras are the only free themes I recommend. It took me some time spent installing and uninsualling a lot of themes to actually get these 2.
      But i the end, a paid theme is what you need. I can't explain how much I love my blog now that I use WooThemes.

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    I would suggest you digitalnature themes. And the theme that i am recommending is called Mystique it has a very cool design.
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    What is the best wordpress theme for a blog?
    Wrong question. Therefore it cannot be answered. The above posts are just personal preferences and opinions

    The right question would be: what is the best theme for MY blog, which is about___________ and targets_____________ and is built as a ____________ site and the content of it is structured as ______________ .

    Please, fill in the blanks - for yourself; it doesn't have to be a public exercize - and after that you will find it very easy to pick the theme for your blog.

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      Personally for SEO purposes I really like thesis theme as a blog!

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        I am a big fan of the Genesis framework with Prose child theme. It's not free, but so much of it is easy to customize without having to muck around in the CSS.

        You can do 3 columns, two columns, one column--whatever. I'm using it for all my sites now except for sales pages and each one looks very different.
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          There are so many themes you can't really answer this question. All you are going to hear is which one everyone likes at the moment. I have used Headway recently and still like that one because you can really customize it if you learn it. One free one I like that is Plainscape. It's really a blank canvas and you just need to use your imagination.
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    I like the Thesis framework, as a developer, as it has a lot of features to help take a design and get it into wordpress. As well as some solid functionality that you would expect from a paid theme. However, Thesis needs a lot of customization to make it look the way you want. I'm not going to recommend a specific theme, but using Thesis as an example, make sure to consider the time to implement when you are looking at a theme Framework vs. a full theme. Flexibility is great, but only if you need it.
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    There are A Lot of good themes out there. Take your time and choose the right one for your situation. I like Socrates. It is very flexible and user friendly.
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      woothemes and themeforest.net have some amzing themes for WP.
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        My favorite free theme is SimpleX.. I also own PlatformPro which is an awesome theme framework but when you get into a platform and using child themes you start getting to the point where you actually need to edit the templates to get EXACTLY what you want. It can be very time consuming when you first start out.
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          You've probably got more suggestions now than if you'd looked around yourself.

          I concur with Istvan Horvath. The theme you choose depends on the type of site you want, what it's goals are and so on.

          After all a theme is designed to be a theme and that means use it for the right purpose. Don't get stuck with the same theme for all things, you won't feel the benefit.

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            thanks a lot to all. i just needed a few examples in order to make a decision. i hope these themes are compatible with WP 3.1
            thanks alot again.
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    I also use Genesis framework from Studio Press for all my sites. It is worth the money that you spend on it.
    Stefalex - Wordpress Maintenance & Support
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    I am a big 2010 Weaver Theme is is based off of the WordPress Default theme. It is easy to customize and has several templates.

    WordPress › 2010 Weaver « Free WordPress Themes
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    There is a theme called Aero that I have used before, works very well and is a dream...if you could find it its pretty nice
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