my ezine stats, are they any good?

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Here are my ezine stats , Are they good enough to go further , How can I increase my CTR

Account Statistics
Article Views: 1,717
Profile Views: 220
EzinePublisher 64
URL Clicks: 83
Click Rate: 4.8%
Comments: 1
Votes: 1
Live Articles: 65

Do I need some serious work?
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    Fairly decent, you need to work more on them.
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    CTR is actually pretty decent, but you may want to either work on getting more traffic to them or continuing to write more to increase your SEO value.

    depends whether you are looking to increase SEO to a site that links from the articles or just click through traffic or both.
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      How long have the articles been up? The views seem a little low to me but that could be because they are relatively new. Your click rate does seem low to me as well. I have several articles in the 20%+ range and a couple as high as 75%. Work on your call to action and make it an extension of your article.
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    What planet are you guys on - a 4.8% click through rate is horrific! Most of my articles' CTR is around 30% - never any lower than 25%.

    You need to create DESIRE in your readers mind with your articles. You need to INSPIRE them. You need to leave them so impressed and inspired by your articles that they can't wait to tell someone else about it. That's how you get good CTR.

    Your readers are not numbers and statistics - they are real human beings just like yourself. Put yourself in your readers mind when you write an article. What in an article would make YOU excited? That's the direction you want to go in.

    When you can read your own articles and get a smile on your face from it, you know you've written a great article.

    Then there's your call to action. The greatest copy in the world can't help you if your call to action isn't strong. Here's what you do: Go to the "Most Viewed" section of EZA and find authors who have written a lot of articles over a good amount of time.

    Look at their old articles and see what the call to action looks like. Then go to more recent ones (in the same niche), and see if there's any changes. THOSE are the calls to actions that convert.

    Now copy & paste that call to action, and make the necessary (but small) tweaks to make it fit your articles. Voila, you just saved yourself months of testing.

    I've done this with tons of niches, and in every single case, it has improved my CTR.

    After a while you'll get a feel for it, and you'll be able to create your own, powerful calls to action without looking over your shoulder.

    Best of luck to you!
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      You don't say how long you've had the account for. 65 articles is quite a lot - and your total number of views is low if you've had the account for more than a few months.

      It could be that you are writing in niches that have little traffic, hence the low number of views, or it could be that your headlines don't entice visitors to read.

      Having got those visitors, your ctr should be considerably higher.

      Go through your account and weed out the articles with the lowest click throughs.

      Then try and analyse the ones with higher click throughs. Can you see why they are encouraging readers to click.

      Then write some new articles that use the same approach.
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    You should be able to answer this yourself.

    Are you making any money or achieving the goals you want from the article marketing you are doing?

    If not then you need to reconsider. Look at ways to increase your click thru rates I see your at just under 5% by adding click here to the link text is one very simple way to gain a higher CTR people love direction for some reason
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