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so i've been picking up a few expired domains today, and it didn't occur to me that maybe something is wrong with them? why else would someone just let them expire? they seem like pretty good ones to me, which i want to sell down the track. is there any way to find out the history of these domains?

thanks guys :-)

also, should i try and monetize them, or can i sell them just as domains? they're gambling related, and i think it might be illegal for me to do anything with them anyway in my country, not sure? i'm in australia, by the way.

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    Maybe they are not as good as you think or maybe they are actually good. The thing is that most experienced domainers are always looking for dropped domains and the good ones get bid up fast unless you see one that no one else sees and that is not hard to do with hard work.

    Recent domain flips : $8->$1000 Social recruiting Software dot com $8->$2000
    Invest in domains without the hard work !
    Email for details...Mike McAleer at me dot com

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    what is pending delete and deletion date? does that mean that after the deletion date, a domain is free again to register? thanks. i'm new to this.
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