Green Background When I Try To Watch a Youtube Video?

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Hey Warriors,

Has anyone seen this issue before?

I have done these things...

1. Updated my Adobe Flash Player plugin to the most current.

2. Am currently running the highest "Version 3" of Firefox (updating to 4.0 now just to see if it fixes it)

3. Have restarted my computer as well as browser many times.

4. Have reduced the # of tabs on my pages...

5. Also, this issue doesn't happen when I'm watching vides on players pulling from Amazon S3, personal server, etc...just Youtube.

I'm really curious b/c I have like 3 tabs open with youtube videos and the screen goes green, my firefox instance freezes for a bit, then the adobe flash player says it has crashed and to reload the page (which I do and it happens again).

Help? (hopefully I've been very clear).

Thanks Warriors,

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    Maybe your drivers are not working?

    Habe to tryed that using a different browser, like Chrome?
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    What version of Windows and have you tried updating your video driver?
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      Hi Brad
      I had the same problem the other day - Apparently they are working on a fix.

      For now the solution is to Right-Click on the video and select the flash settings - On the first tab, uncheck 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'

      Hope it helps
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    Try this.

    Go to YouTube - SWF Testing
    Right click on the video and go to settings. Remove the check mark from "enable hardware acceleration".

    Try viewing a video.

    Edit: posted at same time as above
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    You've made youtube angry and it's gone into HULK mode.

    I dunno, ditch firefox and try a different browser?
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