WSO Reviews: Are They To Be Believed?

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Are WSO reviews to be trusted or are people just praising their friends?

If that's the case, then this is my plea to influential warriors. Please give your reviews honestly, and with integrity.

I'm so upset watching video for a mobile WSO is just horrible and beyond. The delivery, the information, ugh!

Even after 1 year after pleading for advice I'm still in the learning phase. So I purchase WSOs to learn more. But now I only purchase for gaps.

But I'm get so outraged when I buy an WSO based on raving reviews and then the product is just blah. Nowhere near the raving reviews the previous warriors proclaim.

But this doesn't hold true for all products. Some are amazing.

I used to ask for a refund but I only do that now if I don't discover 1 tidbit. 1 tidbit is all it takes.

My definition of suck: Doesn't mean if I make money or not. But it means the presentation of the material and the merit of the material. Do they deliver on their promise.

So my question is - Do you add any value to the reviews left on WSOs? If not, how do you judge if a product is good?

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    I think it is widely known that some WSO sellers do get friends to leave positive reviews in their threads. Some sellers also give review copies in return for leaving raving reviews on the thread, rather than in return for honest feedback.

    I always give honest reviews because I know my own integrity is at stake if someone buys based on my review, only to find that the product actually sucks. And yes, I have left reviews that were not positive.

    There really is no fool-proof way of knowing whether the reviews were honest or not until you buy. However, there are a few ways to get a good feel for how good the product is.

    For example, before I buy a WSO, I look at how many posts and thanks the seller has, AND how many posts the reviewers have. I'd be more comfortable buying a WSO if the reviews are given by well known, reputable warriors, rather than buying a WSO where none of the reviewers have more than 30 posts.
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    You can learn a lot from this thread:

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    Human nature 101, I agree, it would be better if they privately gave constructive advise rather than to publish a less than honest review only because they are friends.

    But what if this practice is taken to the extreme and endorsement does not disclose a material relationship, that is another matter entirely.

    Something to consider when planning a WSO, here lately, I have to say that my interest has been less than flattering when it comes to a lot of the content on that forum, not to say that some of them are not good, but I see far more questionable products than practical products, I think that is a problem.

    Good post.
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      Are you just looking at the words on the actual WSO threads or are you also looking at the profiles of the reviewers? Because this can tell you all kinds of information.

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