How To Successfully Talk To People And Make Them Buy

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I'd like to quickly share something with you.

Once you have a website online...'s very important you take a moment - to think about how you are going to communicate with your visitors.

A simple technique - is to be EMOTIONAL!
This is the core of good marketing.

So you have a website?
It's important now to fill it with content that emotionally connects with your visitors.

This is easy to do -- once you change your mental focus.
Instead of wanting to sing and dance all about your product -- or your free gift -- flip this on its head.

And think about your visitor for a moment.
Get inside their head.
What is your visitor's struggle?
What is their pain?
What is their problem?

What can your product solve for them?

If you can verbalize a solution to a problem -- you have made a sale! Or a sign up if that is your objective.

My point being -- you have to put yourself in your visitors/customers shoes.
After all - that's where they are living!
What are their fears? What are they struggling with?

Answer these questions -- and you will have people clambering to sign up or purchase.

The first question you need to ask yourself --
is what does your ideal visitor to your site want? Information?

On what? Be specific.

What is their core problem?

Write as if you were sitting with a good friend having a drink explaining the benefits of your product and the problems it will fix.

Remember you are selling to PEOPLE.

And people are motivated and fueled by emotions.

It's usually a fear of something -- '...I'm scared of not having enough money...' -- or it's a hope and dream '...I want to be able to do this...'
If you can paint a picture to minimize a problem - or make a dream a reality

- - people will be a lot more responsive to your offer.
And you can accomplish this - by being real and connecting emotionally.
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