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I am an affiliate in one very tight health niche in which there are only 2 good products. One of these product's creators is much more present in the community, and runs a forum that is called (singlewordniche).org

This forum is extremely active, is the premier meeting place online for the people who are prospective buyers in this niche. While he does not push his product very much in the forums, the existence of the product, as a general recomendation of the forum owner, is well known by the members.

I guess my question is....

How effective and how complex would an operation like that be to run?

I am eyeballing a new niche at the moment, one of the big search terms for the niche is "____ _____ forum"

There are 2-3 forums in the niche, but they are all generic healthboards thats have subsections about this niche.

I am wondering if it would be a good endeavor to try and mimic this other forum that I know of, although I would be starting as an affiliate, and adding people to my list (rather than be the product creator). Eventually I might move to product creation in this niche, as the only products I have found in it only seem to be of average quality.
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    Hmmmm can you carve out a niche from that? The copying thing will initially become an alternative. But without a unique selling proposition someone will copy your forum and the repetition process goes on and on.
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    I am confident that I can outrank and outperform the existing forums in this niche.

    Primarily do to lack of SEO and lack of major branding. I realize that forum traffic doesnt just get up and move, but I have some thoughts in mind about how to attract people.

    My concerns are more about the feasibility of a forum as an (at least for starters) an affiliate marketing pool essentially.

    Lately I am trying to phase out active blogging, and move towards list building, and it seems that a forum like this might be a way to keep interactive content and readers on my property, with a small nudge towards my list, rather than a blog.

    But I have never ran a forum before, and would love to hear from some people who have experience in this kind of thing.
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    It takes time and effort to run a forum,Rather you can run as a JV in their forum,while still creating your forum in the backyard.
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