Where can I get testimonial photos?

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Hi all,

I'm really struggling over here

I have about 20 text-based testimonials from REAL customers. Unfortunately, none of them want their photo to be posted online.

Each one however has agreed to me using a 'pen picture' to protect their identity. By pen picture, I mean a photo of someone else posing as them.

So my question is:

Does any know of or has anyone used a service that provides authentic looking photos for use as testimonials?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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    I'd be very careful with knowingly using false images for your testimonials. Just seems very dodgy to me and maybe the FTC (I think that's their name) will take a dim view.

    Have you discovered why they don't want their photos as testimonials? Is it a particularly "delicate" niche which they'd be embarrassed to be associated with.

    If you can find out why then you have more chance of persuading them.

    Even if you get two or three real images that's better than nothing, I expect.

    Hope this helps ya!

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      Originally Posted by GarryMSayer View Post

      maybe the FTC (I think that's their name) will take a dim view.
      Give me a major break.

      Take some snaps of your friends and family.
      Heck they can even sign a short note you print out giving you permission to use their likenesses.


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        I'm going to mention something here that no one else has. The real reason why you wouldn't want to put up fake pictures.

        It's a little new agey but i think most will agree with me...

        Everything is energy and we all possess the ability to detect something that just doesn't feel right. Like when you try to come across as something you're not. This has the tendency to repel customers rather than attract them.

        Just ask Avis car rental who lost money for 10 years trying to convince the public that they were #1 in the industry. Only when they admitted to being #2 "But because we're #2 we try harder", they started to make money.

        The same goes for using fake pictures. The concious might believe it but the almighty powerful subconscious knows that "this isn't genuine" and thus sends messages to the concious to be skeptical "somethings not right here".

        If you honestly think pictures real or not will make or break your offer, I think you should re-examine your offer.

        I love it when people overcome hurdles and succeed. So I wish the same for you.
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    You could probably buy some photos. Did you try to look at some content providers?
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      Don't use stock or Royalty Free photos for this ruse, either. It is generally against the TOS of where you license them from to add any such context to.

      You try that with a Getty image, as an example, and they may prosecute you if they catch you.

      Just food for thought...

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        I'm no lawyer, but I strongly suspect that you'd be falling foul of several UK regulations, too, Martin, if you do this. I urge you, at least, to check it carefully with a UK internet lawyer before trying it ... I know that in the UK when the equivalent thing is done on TV, there has to be a prominent on-screen disclaimer that an actor is being used.
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    Leaving aside the possible legal complications, and I believe Alexa is right about U.K. law, have you considered the damage to your credibility if a potential client spots the same image they've seen elsewhere?

    I personally would run a mile from a product with Joe Bloggs picture that gives a testimonial if I'd seen the same image but with the name Fred Smith somewhere else. Perhaps that's just me but there's one particular Warrior whose credibility is severly damaged in my eyes due to the simple fact he uses a picture of a U.K. tv actor as his avatar.

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    As long as you have their full names, and they don't mind, just use them as is.

    You should never use false information. You'll not only fall foul of the law, you'll lose the trust of your customers once they find out.
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    I'm just repeating what others have said - but so that you know it's how many of us feel - Don't use false information to sell your product.

    You may think that if they don't mind you using a different picture then what's the problem, but for your customers if they realise the people they saw represented as happy customers are just stock photos, some of them will feel deceived and there's no upside to that so just avoid the problem and don't use fake pictures.

    nothing to see here.

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