Wow! I made $1000+ this week. Thank you WF! Thank you Warriors!

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Howdy Warriors,

Some of you might have probably noticed I started my first WSO just 7 days ago. Well, sales have been pretty good and I've already made over $1k. This is simply amazing! I've had some success over the past months, but this week's earnings have just been enormous. And I only have you guys and WF to thank. I truly thank you all so much!

I joined WF this February, but didn't really participate in discussions and such. I am a respected member at another forum where I spend most of my foruming time. I joined WF mainly to do the WSO as I was told by a friend that's where I want to be.

Well I did join. And I was required to join the War Room as well, so I did. And I had to spend $40 to do the WSO and another $40 to bump my thread, so I did. And another $40, so I did. And that's the story of one of the best decisions of my life to date.

The War Room is fantastic! There are free materials in there that I would gladly pay for. The adsense sites case studies, the SEO guides, the niche site blueprints that are available in the War Room - just WOW! I bet most of the free downloads offered in the War Room are better than a good deal of WSOs.

I have learned so much this past week. I have enjoyed reading your discussions and have observed that a lot of you guys genuinely want to help others - that's rare. And I will now be spending more of my foruming time here. I will of course spend most of my time on my projects. (I am starting a new niche site project using one of the guides in the War Room as a blueprint btw.)

Once again, thank you Warriors and Warrior Forum!

To success,
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