What are your burning Xsitepro 2 Questions?

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I need help. I've created some free video training on how to modify a template in Xsitepro 2. The problem is I don't know what else people need help with so I thought I'd ask you guys what your burning questions are.

When I started out my problem areas were:
-Setting up my site: Hosting, FTP etc...
-Creating and changing a header
-and of course modifying a template to look like I wanted

I'll be creating more videos around the answers and putting them either on Youtube or on the free Xsitepro members site I've been working on.

Also just to show that the request is in good faith I'll be rewarding the best post with $10 directly to the winners paypal account. I'll choose a winner by Friday 12/19/08 and PM him or her then.

Thanks in advance,

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    I am learning xsitepro2 as well and have been using James Schramko's cheat sheet to help me.
    If I didn't have that cheatsheet my questions would probably be how to import templates, modify them, how to upload images from your hard drive to your image gallery and how to publish using ftp.

    Thats all I can think of right now.


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      Thank you. I love the XSP Cheat Sheet too. At first I didn't realize it but there is so much more than just simple Xsitepro 2 tips and tricks, I'm constantly referring to it whenever I need something.

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        I did sign up for your tutorials as well as I would love to learn more about Xsitepro2.
        James did a good job with the cheatsheet as it teaches how to build the site and do the SEO, getting traffic etc.


        I'll teach you how to make money like a Mamba.

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    I was thinking about buying James' cheatsheet as well. There's a free members site included, is it a regular forum ? Is there a lot more information there also ?


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    James cheat sheet is terrific! You will get it at no charge when ordering through his aff. link. He did a fab job!

    I would like to know things such as how to add a frame around your site. How to add a line between sidebars, that type of stuff.

    Also, for those not used to working with tables, a brief tut on that would be really helpful.

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    Thanks for the reply Evita. I had already bought XSP2 back last summer I believe it was.

    I was just starting in Internet Marketing when I purchased XSP, and had never heard of James, or anyone else for that matter.

    I wish I had known though, I would surely have bought through his link, and saved a few bucks. I've checked out his blog, audios etc., and he seems like a great guy, and very knowledgeable.

    I did go ahead and order the cheat sheet just now. Haven't even finished downloading it, but just with the tons of extras I don't see how I could go too wrong. I've spent a lot more money on crap. Everything I've ever heard about the cheat sheet has been positive also. I'm hoping that he touches on some things I don't know (which shouldn't be too hard).

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      Hi Shelby,
      Thanks for offering the freeXSite Pro training.
      I have a question about XSite Pro.
      How do you import an HTML template to use in XSite Pro?
      I have some review site templates that I would like to be able to import in to XSite Pro format so I can create additional product pages using XSite Pro.
      This would make page creation much easier than manually editing HTML on each page.

      Thank you,
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