Oprah Can Make you Rich!!!

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Hey Guys,

I got given this tip about a year ago and my friend called it 'The Oprah Effect'

All you have to do is look through Oprahs website, find out what she is going to be talking about on her upcoming shows or what she has been talking about recently. Find good promotions that fit into what she is talking about. Set up your campaigns, PPC is best but articles work.

Usually she talks about specific products (no doubt getting her own cut, perhaps Oprah is the world #1 affiliate) like last this year it was all those weight loss teas. The searches increase dramatically whenever she talks about something, its insane.

No kidding, listen to Oprah, she can make you rich!!!
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    Thanks for the tip, I would have kept that one to myself
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      And Dr. Phil......don't forget Dr. Phil....
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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  • funny stuff, sometimes when researching a product that pops up on google trends it shows that it's popular cause oprah mentioned it that day

    so what you say is a good tip, a good way to get a jump on tomorrows product trend
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    This is true. Everyone who goes on Oprah to promote their business is almost always guaranteed instant success if not 100%. What Oprah says... people follow. For her incredible leadership abilities... I love her.
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    Thanks for sharing this great tips. Would like to know any other celebrities that have the same effects.
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      Damn it! I wish you haven't posted this
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      Originally Posted by onera View Post

      Thanks for sharing this great tips. Would like to know any other celebrities that have the same effects.
      Listen to Rap music, it will make you rich yo.

      In all seriousness, product placement in super popular songs, music videos, whatever -- are good places to start if they get 'viral'.
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    Good stuff friend! I would have kept that for myself, but i appreciate the tip!

    Need help finding affiliates?
    Need a joint venture broker?

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    This strategy do not have to limit Oprah.

    I monitor Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz closely. Here's what I found about the movie niche..
    Whenever a new movie released, people will start search for its related keywords, including...

    "movie name" + posters
    "movie names"+costume
    "movie names"+tickets
    .. and search terms related to main actos/actress of the movie.

    If you manage to build a niche site around the movie way before everyone, profit should be a piece of cake. You can easily find the release date of blockbusters from authority movie site.

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    Nice tip! Thanks for posting!
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    She didn't promote Sarah Palin-lol
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    I've got to make some calls I'm going to get my son Brandon on one of them.
    Hey, he's 16 and has jumped feet first into this business.
    Just think what that could do to a Country Boy from the woods of Tennessee.

    Just may give it a try.

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      You could turn this into a WSO. "The Oprah Effect - How I Made XXXX in XX Hours Watching Daytime TV!"
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    My name is Rachael and this is my first post. Its postings like this that I'd like to read which helps me understand IM.

    I am a newbie and have been lurking around the forum for the last few days until I decided that I have to start contributing.

    While I may not be able to offer great postings initially, please do not mind if I just happen to ask some "silly" questions.

    I look forward to one day being in a position to help other newbies.

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