Reliable, Honest Merchant Account Provider For Internet Marketers

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Hi Folks,

I remember hearing on a podcast about a merchant provider that doesn't shut off your merchant account when it gets order spikes. Something like power pay something.

Can't seem to find that info anywhere.

Anyway, I'm in the market for a new merchant account provider. If you have direct experience with a good company please let me know.

Most important:

- They are freakin honest for Gods sake. They don't hold your money for more then 72 hours. They don't slip in all kinds of fees you never agreed to. They don't change their terms of service on you later on adding yet more fees (sheesh... this too much to ask.)

- They don't shut off your account during a launch because of orders spikes.

- They allow for multi customer service numbers and product names to show up on the credit card statement based on what they ordered (so we can run multi websites under one merchant account).

- The have a fair and easy chargeback process. Meaning we can resolve chargebacks online quickly without using mail or faxes.

Is this too much to ask :confused:

Anyway, if you have direct experience with some good companies please send me some recommends.

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    I highly recommend you use powerpay were you can find here PowerPay and you might also want to check out infusionsoft for all your merchant needs. i get thousands of orders a day and never had any issues with neither of these services.
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      check out any merchant services on or (skip the BBB - they're useless most of the time)...Powerpay doesn't look too good at rip off the hell away from Eliot Management Group, Apex, Wells-Fargo...these are a few we've been lied to by...or worse, esp. EMG/Apex (among a couple names they go by)...

      Square Up and GoPayment also don't look too good either...I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as an honest merchant services company myself.
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        Hi. We have been with Merchant Warehouse and are fed up with freezing funds because of how MUCH we are processing, even when we have never had chargebacks or problems. They do not understand our business. Several colleagues recommended powerpay but I am paranoid about any company at this point, yet need to change immediately. Help anyone!!!!
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    I am working with a company that provides a very unique merchant account service. They will match your current rate (or give you a better rate) AND give you back 25% of the commission generated by your account every month. The bank has been in business for over 20 years and has over 120,000 customers.

    They also give you free equipment and lots of other perks. This is only for businesses with US bank accounts. They allow online businesses.

    I don't know if I am allowed to post the link in the thread, but if you PM me I will send you the information if you are interested.
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