Product Launch Affiliates - ???????????

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Alright I got a question here..

What does a site make on average during a launch if it's ranked for "product name review" or "product name scam".. etc???

Just one listing at the top getting most of the traffic from the people looking for reviews...

Anybody have experience in this?
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    these are my stats:

    if i rank #1 in ggogle for: "ProductName Review"

    and that term has 1,000 searches a day

    and the product makes 100 per sale

    i make 8 sales a day

    if i rank for: "ProductName Scam" i never make a sale
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    with my research i found out people who search for the review of a product is already willing to buy the product, those searching for scam arnt
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    It really depends on the traffic and the appeal of the product.

    I have been getting into product launches for my clients a lot lately and I have found that you really need to be # 1 for all buyer terms to make serious cash:

    -Product Name
    -Product Name Review
    -Product Name Bonus

    I never go for Product Review Scam, more a pricipal thing than anything. If it's not a scam don't rank for that term.

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    Yo DrFresh,

    A lot of people make the mistake of looking at Google Keyword Tool only.

    In my experience, you are leaving a pile of money on the table if you base yourself on the keyword tool.

    Instead, here's a more accurate forecast.

    By using

    Google Trends

    Google Insights for Search

    Trust me, trust the screenshot below.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Hey guys, thanks for the input.

    I was just wondering if this was going to be worth the effort or if I should focus on getting more consistent traffic.. I've always heard you'll make a ton of money for a few days then the interest drops along with the traffic and sales..

    BUT.. if it's a few grand then it'll totally be worth it.. just running senuke for a few days haha.

    Good suggestions tho, didn't really think about scam being a non buying keyword.. duh lol... I'm ranked up top for a couple products with scam attached, only 1 with review & reviews...

    Thanks again
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