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Hi, I am new around here and I was wondering how a newbie who is trying to build their list might go about partnering up with someone who already has an established list in order to drive traffic to the newbie's site.

For instance, let's say I were to offer to place an ad or a link pointing to the other person's website in my sidebar in exchange for them directing traffic to my site, or something along those lines.

Are there people willing to do something like that to help out a newbie even though they may not get a whole lot out of it themselves right away? And, if there are, how would I go about finding them and arranging something like this?
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    hi megan - welcome :-)

    the best way is to promote some of their stuff first then ask them.

    once you have made sales you can approach them and say hey im affiliate ____ and i would like to partner with you and do some cool stuff.

    bottom line... give before you take and add value to whatever the other person is doing. so many people neglect this and get caught in the "promote my $$$$ and ill promote your $$$$" and it is hard for a newcomer unless you follow this rule.

    be personable, share ideas, have a plan in mind.

    hope this helps
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      Thanks for your advice. I will keep what you said in mind and maybe in a few months I will have more to offer someone else and be in a better position to approach someone about something like this.
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        Also, if you ever bought from them before, this can help too. I find people more willing to work with you if you've been a customer.
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