Facebook Fans vs. Twitter Followers: Which are more responsive?

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Facebook Fans vs. Twitter Followers: Which are more responsive?
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    I think you may get more response on Facebook. Facebook can give you more features for your site/blog.

    In Facebook you can have your Fan Page, Gruop, Ads etc.

    I had recived some of the good customers from my Facebook Fan Page & they seems to be loyal coz many of them are my returning visitors.

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      Personally, I think this question is all relative to how "interactive" and "engaging" you are with your "followers" on either social platform.

      It's up to you to really set the "tone" in the beginning and then obviously build on that.

      Also, it may depend on the particular market (sometimes a market/business is more suited to one platform over the other).

      If you have the right "interaction" built into your social media strategy then followers on either platform can be just as responsive. So it's really down to you and how you engage your followers in the first place.

      Personally, I'm a bigger fan of facebook though in terms of general engagement. It is common knowledge that there are many people on Twitter with thousands of followers who they do not engage with. Likewise, though the same could be said for many facebook accounts.
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    Facebook traffic is more responsive as compared to twitter traffic .
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    Twitter followers are better. I both use Facebook and Twitter, but on Twitter I get more responses,messages,reply and traffic.
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    Twitter followers are better.

    I have 789 friends and non of them buy. I have 327 twitter followers and at least 5 products sold each month. I think facebook is more on entertainment and amusement while twitter is more on business... people on facebook have no time because they are busy chatting..

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    Twitter for me, too.

    That's because I use Twitter more for marketing than FB.

    It all lies in the way YOU interact with your people.

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    Facebook fans are more responsive for me, but it can be more personal sometimes. I heard other people who succeed in twitter marketing but I dont. So maybe it differs on how you handle the people who follows or liked you.

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    It depends...Depends on what are you marketing to your fans/followers.Sometimes i have better results on Facebook, some others with Twitter.I know my Facebook fans are more interested in niches like dating,business opportunities etc and my Twitter followers are in the weight loss niche, cooking...

    So i choose and split test of what works best for me
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      I am a facebook user so I find facebook easy to navigate etc. I also know what does and doen't capture my attention as far as liking something or someone so I find it easier to try and apply marketing and advertising strategies.

      I have a Twitter account but never use it so I dont really know how everything works as far as the interface goes or what interests me while I am visiting. Is it worth spending a bit of time on Twitter to get use to it as a user before trying to market on it? Your thoughts?
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    I find twitter follows better. Not sure why, I do mix freebies witht content and they like this. More the Gen X generation use this.
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      I use both twitter and Facebook marketing. You may have more success with Facebook since your message is in front of your fans longer and have a better chance to build a personal relationship with them.

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    Facebook fans. By a landslide. At least on my experience.
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    Personally, I find twitter followers more responsive. The thing with Facebook is that when you share a link, the description, thumbnail and title of the link is displayed on the wall. As a result, people tend to merely read the description without actually clicking on the link.

    For instance, when Osama died, I shared a link to a news article about the death on Facebook. The description of the link says that Osama has been confirmed dead. That's it. That's the news. People get it, and they comment on the post/link. But they never visited the news article. They don't have to. They get the news.

    On the other hand, tweet an eye-catching title and a link on Twitter, people will most certainly click. They want to know more. There's no description of the link in the tweet.

    Just my thoughts.

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