Keyword tool with 1st Page PR Avg + Backlinks Count?

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I know that Market Samurai, LongTailPro and Traffic Travis already lets you do this through an additional step, but I was hoping there would be some tool out there that allows us to do this on the fly whilst it's generating a list of keywords.

Thanks in advance.
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    Hello thee,
    try google suggestor for geting low compettition long tail keyword list in any language .
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      I'm not sure about a tool that will fo that whilst generating a list but Keyword Elite 2.0 allows you to do that using one keyword at a time.

      It would mean a lot of processing per keyword to achieve what you are wanting, although doable I guess.
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    This would actually be the BEST keyword tool.

    Knowing about average PRs on page 1 is very important as I've used it to rank one of my authority sites easily. Tried and tested. Works very well. PR is a good measure.

    Combining it with the average Yahoo backlinks count is even better.

    I've been looking exactly for this for quite some time now.

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    I have actually heard of tools like what you need.

    1. Niche Profit Classroom MoneyWaord Matrix Tool
    2. Super Affiliate Technology Software

    I have not used these, but both these do what you need, minus the backlink count thing.

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    I use only Google keyword tool and compare the information I get in Google search results for my keywords. It demands some time to investigate the keywords, but it worth it.
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