Noobie Mistake....What Can I Do?

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Hi Warriors!
I need some help. I made a noobie mistake a few months ago when I created an autoblog for my son. I used a trademarked name in my domain name. When getting the domain name, I had not noticed that awesome keyword I was going after was trademarked. Live and Learn.
Well I got the autoblog to spot 3 and then got a letter from the lawyer asking me to remove the site. So I called the lawyer told him it was a mistake and asked if the owner of the trademarked name would want to buy my site or domain name. The lawyer got back to me saying that he would buy the domain name for $30. Ok, I thought that will help recover a bit of my son's cost. BUT I do not know how to sell a domain name. What do I do?
Also I was wondering if there were any other options that I have with the autoblog. Can I stick a new domain name on there? Can I redirect something? Can anyone help me decide what would be a good option?
The autoblog did start bringing in some sales, but not very much, so it might not be worth it to do anything else, but I figured I would ask. What would you do?

Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Brenda!You may sell the domain name simply by transferring it to your buyers registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap.If he gives you the username of his account, it is very easy to transfer it and get paid directly from Paypal.If you sell the domain name you cannot do anything that has to do with that domain name.You may build a new autoblog though in a new domain name.
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