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I originally joined WF for SEO tips etc. After seeing the amount honest support and professionalism I decided to try and make a few $ online. I opened a ClickBank account and I am looking for a niche. Wish me luck, or talk me out of it.

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    I will wish you luck. Just don't give up.

    The best thing for you to do would be to stay focused! otherwise, it will not be a successful venture.

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    Wish u gud luck man n dont forget to story it here..
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    Stick with what works.

    I'd recommend looking into the War Room. Lots of great
    information in there that would be of use to you. Also, be
    sure to remember what works and scale it up. If it makes
    a few dollars at first, scale it up to make that first $10 or

    Jake Gray
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    Good Luck Scott! I wish you the best, take the time to do your keyword research properly, it really is the tip of the spear.

    Looking forward to reading about your results
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      Good luck. It's not always easy but pick a plan and stick to it. If you're using SEO, then don't stop until you hit position #1. If you are doing ppc or ppv, make sure to split test everything.
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        Good luck Scott! I am sort of in the same boat- I have started a business offline and have an informational website, so I started looking for SEO seaches. I somehow got hooked by the concept of IM. It's scary, but what's life without a little risk.
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    Good luck Scott, just ensure that you don't buy overhyped Guru products and learn to do things the right way. I hope to read your success story on here soon....
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    I wish you the best! Remember that it's not just one single method that will help you be successful, but rather it's a combination of methods you use together. If one method fails or begins to struggle under competition or other problems, you can fall back on your other methods. Good luck!
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    good luck, and don't give up! you can do it ;-)
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      Hi Scott,

      All the best on finding your first niche!

      Remember to do your market research as well as keyword research.

      Believe it or not a lot of people mess up the "key steps" of choosing a good niche - making it an uphill battle before they've even really begun.

      Goodluck :p
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    Great Dude. Go with it.
    One important aspect in Clickbank is hopad Builder. This is just Great from them.

    Thanks & Regards
    Abhishek Srivastava
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