Increased Click-Throughs Over 150% With A Two-Second Meta Tag Adjustment!

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Last week I went through some of my older affiliate sites that were doing low but consistent sales and I did some meta tag adjustments that really increased my click-through rate by more than 150% in the SERPs!

And it only took a few seconds per page to do!

I am going to continue making these adjustments on all of my sites now that this was successful beyond belief!

This is what I did...

My meta tags (title, description, and keywords) were setup fine before, they were search engine optimized and helped my get page one rankings, however I missed something blatantly obvious..

I was optimization for the search engines! Not for the searches!

After I radically changed my mindset, I created captivating lines that drew people to my page, (probably achieving a higher click-through than the pages above me in the search results!)

For my fire alarms site, my Title and Description meta tags were set up like this:

Title: Buy First Alert CO615 Fire Alarm | First Alert CO615 Review

Description: Buy First Alert CO615 Fire Alarm now. Read our First Alert CO615 review now.

This is perfectly fine for SEO and allowed me to easily achieve page one rankings, but the problem was that my page was BOOORRRING to anyone searching for this particular product.

So what I did was keep the SEO phrases in there but focus more on attracting keen visitors:

Title: First Alert CO615 Review And Best Price!

Description: The First Alert CO615 fire alarm is a very effective device that monitors carbon monoxide levels. Read our detailed review and catch the best price around!

Well, I have got to say, if you aren't focusing your meta tags towards your searches you are missing out on MASSIVE traffic over all of your pages!

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    So true Dave.

    Most people forget to do this simple step. The meta description should give a little bit of content, a teaser if you will, because that's what people see in the SERPs and even in social media platforms. For instance, if you have a nice meta description with good teaser content, when people like your post or share it on Facebook or Digg, the description will appear alongside the link as in the case of Google.

    I actually realized this quite sometime ago, but I'm sure it's new to several people. Thanks for pointing this out.

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    thanks! As a beginner in IM it is often far too easy to get caught up in the technical things and forget about the obvious stuff like this!
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    That's right. Sometimes it is the simplest adjustments that make the biggest differences!
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