6 KILLER Tips for Hiring the Ultimate Ghost WRITER!

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Hi Guys/Gals,

I’m interested in your thoughts and the Screening Steps you go through when “Hiring Writers.”

And NO we are not just talking “Any” Writer here...we are talking the “ULTIMATE” Writer.

The ASSUMPTION here is that we are seeking a long term writer/s. Not one just for a one-off/ad hoc project.

Some of the below “Screening Steps” might be fairly common knowledge to many of you (but you’d be very surprised in what shortcuts people make in their quest to get someone on board quickly).

Personally, I go through six screening/hiring steps.

Some may say it's very detailed – but I believe these 6 steps can go a long way to securing you a very good writer (that you can work with over the long term).

These steps are of course after you have placed your ad and received responses.

1) Screening and Hiring - Initial Background Check
- Resume (relevant experience/logical/no typo's)
- Cover Letter (personalised/logical/no typo's)
- Writing Samples (do you like their style/no typo’s)
- References (have these been supplied).

2) Screening and Hiring - Phone Interview
Some sample questions:
- What is your current work situation? (are they fairly free or are they juggling many clients)
- Tell them exactly what you need and when you need it done by (gauge their reaction)
- Establish their rate (negotiate)
- Are they seeking long term work? (obviously preferable)
- Set them a test/trial project with a clear deadline (e.g. turnaround of 48 hours).

3) Screening and Hiring - Test Project
- Set task to be complete (e.g. 2 articles on chosen subject matter)
- Review test project (everything from content to meeting of deadline)
- Do plagiarism check on articles (google/copyscape etc)

4) Screening and Hiring - Reference Check
- Would you hire this person again? (short and sweet as most people will just tell you directly).

5) Screening and Hiring - In Person Interview (if possible)
- Similar to phone interview

6) Screening and Hiring - Sign an ICA (Independant Contractor Agreement)
- Terms
- Deadlines
- You Own the work (assuming they are a ghost writer)

Never underestimate the importance of 6) - if you ever go to sell your website one day it is essential to have signed agreements.

Also, you should never just hire one writer (if you are taking a long term viewpoint).

If you do - you are simply setting yourself up for a single point of failure in your business in the long term.

It's best to take on at least 3 and give them all a bit of work and yes ONE WILL EVENTUALLY SHINE THROUGH - THAT'S YOUR LONG TERM ULTIMATE WRITER!

This six step process is by all no means flawless, definitive or perfect.

However, it's a great start and works very well.

Anyway I hope this helps!
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  • Hi Kieran Duffey,

    I'm assuming you're referring to a writer most suitable for a long term project, when you say "ultimate writer". Here's the process I recommend to our clients:

    Step I: Carefully review CV credentials. Person must have knowledge, skills and experience in specialized areas/subjects relevant to the needed long term project...

    Step II: Carefully review portfolio. Person must write in a style and tone most suitable for the target readers...

    Step III: Carefully review initial test output. Person must pass overall standards required by the long term project...

    Step IV: Study initial text chat interview performance. Relevant details to carefully monitor = Ability to quickly communicate the intended message without any room for different interpretations, reaction time, writing style and tone, grammar, capitalization, punctuations and coherence. Person must pass overall standards required by the long term project...

    Step V: Review final test output. Person must pass overall standards required by the long term project...

    Step VI: Review final face to face or phone interview performance. Person must pass overall standards required by the long term project...

    Step VII: Probationary 1-month subcontract with NDAs and NCAs. Person must sign subcontract with NDAs and NCAs then fax, send via courier services or email the signed copy of the subcontract...

    Step VIII: Closely monitor the performance of the subcontractor during the 1st probationary month. Person must pass overall standards...

    Step IX: 1-month subcontract renewal, longer subcontract renewal with higher wages or regularization with higher wages and benefits...

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    If any of you have found a ghostwriter who's really good, just save some time and PM me the name! :-)


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