One simple change that has made me 500% more productive

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When trying to do something that I had never done before or when testing something new, I always used to try to carefully plan each step in the process and make sure that I understood COMPLETELY what I was doing. This resulted in me spending all of my time "learning" and none of my time actually doing anything.

Now, I figure out where to start and just start doing something. I optimize and change the process along the way until I come up with something that works for ME.

Information overload can only get you if you let it. Just start implementing. Just start trying to do something - anything - and I guarantee that will get more accomplished than you would have had you purchased the next $1997 course.
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    "Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration."
    ~Thomas Edison
    Learn what you must in order to get started, and then take action.

    The best idea you can have has zero value until it is made manifest in the real world. Knowing stuff without doing stuff never added a single dollar to one's bank account.

    Go Forth and Prosper!
    Chris Ellington

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    I never buy IM products. All of the information is available for free online anyway. I learn as I go and experiment to see what works. In time, the answers come.
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    yup just take the first step and do a rough outline of where you want to go so that you stay on course...the How will always change but its good as long as you are getting to the same goal. you have to take action or the one thing that is for sure is that it will never happen.
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    You can spend money on numerous courses, but at the end of
    the day, Will you take action with what you had just learned?

    Be careful -- There is such thing as information overload.
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    Well Pointed out, it easy to get frustrated with everyone's spin on the same basics. Repackaged information has been the hot way to make a quick buck for the last few years now. Sometimes if the price is not that ridiculous I will buy it just to see if there is really anything different. But what I find most of the time is that it is the sales page and the presentation is the only thing that has changed. Once you have paid your money you just find the same techniques with a different face with a different website with different backgrounds, graphics and fonts.
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    This is so true. There are many courses out there that work. But they only work if you do. People want quick results and jump to the next course before they give the first course their "all".

    Never Give Up!

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