Have You Created Your List?

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The majority of people making money online these days are doing it by marketing to their list. Basically, they are selling to individuals already on their customer base. They do this by spending a lot of time and energy generating a list with opt in forms. Once you have a list, the money follows.

This method has been proven as way more effective than trying to sell to cold first-timers to your webpage. And it is where many beginners make their biggest mistake. This doesn't mean working harder, just wiser. This one thing will set you apart from the greater portion of people who do not make money online.

The basic problem is that having a website and products don't mean you are in business. You have to have customers to be in business. And this means you must have a list.

So the most important thing for newcomers to focus on is this: How will they develop their list? Their success hangs on it. Much stress and agony could be avoided by understanding how power this one skill is.

Have you created your list?
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    Am yet to grasp many ideas about making money online,this is so new to me yet so informative. I would say am now set to maximize on this list and get to make some money.
    Thank you for posing the challenge!
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      Originally Posted by Francine View Post

      Am yet to grasp many ideas about making money online,this is so new to me yet so informative. I would say am now set to maximize on this list and get to make some money.
      Thank you for posing the challenge!

      So you want to make a lot of money online ... I was in your same position only a couple of months ago, and through my education I've learned what MAKES or breaks an online empire. LISTS! A list of more than just a collection of emails, a list allows you to have an instant marketing base when you launch a new product.
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    Yes, I have! I have a list for each of my websites. Managing a list is a learning experience though. You don't want to blast the list with offers all the time. I find it works well to give away 4-6 "freebies" (articles/blog posts they will find useful) before sending out an offer. It's also important how you present the offer. One of the best ways is to use the principles Cialdini has written about. Google "Cialdini - The Power of Persuasion or how to persuade your customers into buying" and find out (if you are not already familiar with this).
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      Yes, I never understood the power of the list for the longest time. Once I actually started building a list and sending offers, I was amazed at the sales I could make.
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        In the process
        Yes its true, every wise internet marketer will tell you the money is in the list. Apparently, one of the best Methods to grow your list is by offering affiliates 100% commissions to market a relatively cheap but valuable product (E.g $5). Every purchase is a new prospective buyer of your Bigger products to come, of which you can now sell directly as you know he/she is interested as they have purchased before.
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    Hello all,
    Here are some "Basic Advertising Methods" which i would like to share with those who are new to Online Marketing.

    Domains And Web Hosting-The first thing you’re going to need is to find a domain name for your business.To get your domain, simply go to Google and type in “Domains.” You’ll find about 95 million places to get domains.After you get your domain, the next thing you’re going to need is hosting. Well, that’s pretty much taken care of for you here.

    Creating A Web Site-
    After getting done with your domain and your web hosting and you’re ready to start working on your site. For those of you who don’t know HTML from STP Oil Treatment, there are alternatives to designing your own site from the ground floor up.

    Introduction To Internet Advertising-
    start learning the art of advertising online. There are more ways to promote your site online, some methods work well, some not so well. The problem is, when we first start out, we don’t know which is which. The only way we find out is through trial and error.

    Article Marketing-
    article marketing is a little different. Why? Because unlike say, safe-lists where you basically just cue up your ad and let it run, article marketing is not so cut and dried. There are many ways to go about this.

    Auto Surfs-
    Auto surfs have actually been around a lot longer than most people realize. The reason for this is because when they first came out, back in the late 90s, they weren’t tied to these insane HYIP programs that seem to be popping up everyday. If you recall, I went over HYIPs in my complete money making guide article

    Banner Exchange Advertising
    -In this installment of our series on advertising, we're going to briefly go over banner exchanges. The one good thing you can say about banner exchanges is that they're a legit form of advertising.

    This will help to get a basic and simple idea for "Online Marketing Beginners".

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      Email marketing is certainly my preferred approach.

      It means that, over time, you are building an asset (your list) and that tends to proof you against all sorts of disasters that can affect you when you rely on sources such as Google for traffic.

      By all means use Google and other sources to provide the visitors to your opt-in pages but, by capturing as many of them as possible, you have time to adapt to changes in traffic sources when you can market to a list with whom you've developed a positive relationship.

      If you treat your subscribers well and provide the sort of helpful information they like to receive, they will also be responsive to the relevant offers that you send as your credibility has already been established and you are seen as an authority on the subject.

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    Yes, you're absolutely right :-)

    I build 3 lists for every websites. First list is for visitor to sign up a free report or free mini course. Second list is for free product updates after they made a purchase. Third list is for affiliates :-)
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