Exponential Growth in Internet Marketing

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It tough in this business at first aye.

But heres some hope and reason to keep going. Like many things to do with technology IM is exponential.

Another thread today on list building made me think of one example.

You start small, 10, 50 100, 500 on your list.

Once you have a few hundred you start to JV with other small list owners.
Do enough of those and you have a few thousand on your list.

Other methods too of course. But if you plan to do it exponentially from the start then its easier because you will select a market that can support it.

OK so JV's are an example of exponential list building. Same as the TAF and similar methods.

TAF is exponential.

Another thing is about building business assets. How do rich people and corparations develop assets ?

They AQUIRE them. Microsoft does not start a new company every time it see's a good product - where they can they aquire.

This is exponential too and i dont just mean buying websites. I mean anything that will expand your asset base. Links, content, customer databases etc. In this way exponential traffic growth can be achieved.

People do accumulate great sums of money rapidly in IM but you must plan from the beginning to use exponential strategies.

I think the work exponential is better than the word viral.

A viral event is one you have no control over but an exponential process can be planned and cultivated.

Just my rant for today.
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    You've been reading Jay Abraham recently, haven't you? Am I right?
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    I agree completely. Viral marketing is the latest phrase, but exponential growth has been around since forever. It's how the telephone, fax machine, Amway, eBay, etc. all became popular. The problem for everyone in the get quick mentality is that first dozen or so jumps. 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 etc. Sure you're doubling everytime, but a 16 person list sucks. Of course you keep going and you hit a million really quick.
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