My problem : selling stuff via Facebook

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I want to sell stuff via facebook. I will create a fanpage to introduce about my product. It is supposed that the customer A knew the download page url after he gave me the payment for this product then he shared it, the customer B will know this url to download without giving me the payment for this product.
How can i prevent this ? I want the other customers to have to access the payment page before he can access the download page ?:confused:
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    You can list it for free on my website BuyersTap, you can earn trade credits just for listing it that you can use to buy items listed by other members

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      People do share download links, and they share products once downloaded.

      Its part of life.

      Focus on sales.

      Increase the size of the input (Cash Flow - Sales) and the tiny leaks (shared links - products) aren't much of a problem.

      Mark Riddle
      Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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        Originally Posted by Mark Riddle View Post

        People do share download links, and they share products once downloaded.

        Its part of life.

        Focus on sales.

        Increase the size of the input (Cash Flow - Sales) and the tiny leaks (shared links - products) aren't much of a problem.

        Mark Riddle
        yes MARK is absolutly rit you should focus on increse of size not on such tiny leaks.
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          have you tried protecting the download URL with software script?

          which (affiliate) network are you on? (i.e. if you're using a network).
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    "Sharing" is an unfortunate part of selling digital goods.
    I have yet to fond a solution that stops it 100%.
    However what you can do is monitor the web for instances where your
    product has been distributed and contact the site owner.

    Issue a DMCA or request to add your product to their "Do Not Share" list.
    Again, this isn't 100% effective, but most communities will honor the request,
    thwarting further shares on that network.

    The next level of protection you could implement is a license activation mechanism
    in your product. This is really popular with Wordpress Themes these days, which is
    intended to deter unauthorized use of themes.

    This requires more programming and even then can be breached if you have a really
    determined hack. But it is usually enough of a deterrent to cause the average user
    to give up an attempt to break in.

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      If ONLY someone would buy one of my ebooks and send it to a thousand people! I could only hope for that to happen! Why? Because I have enough back-end offers and "click this link" suggestions that every reader of my ebooks eventually gets to my website to buy something else.

      Stop trying to be so protective with your ebooks and use the pass-along trend to your advantage.

      Passwords and blockouts only bring you tech support calls by the millions and cost you more in the long run.

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        I think using ejunkie or plimus can save you. You can give a try. If work Good. I am using Plimus for one of my site and its working good.

        Thanks & Regards
        Abhishek Srivastava
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    People have made money with Facebook, but I tried with no much success.

    The people on Facebook can be targeted by a demographic which in theory sounds awesome for marekters.

    But the truth is, people on Facebook are not there to buy stuff. People searching on Google seem to be more likely to buy stuff, so this is where I spend my efforts.

    Sorry if that wasn't that helpful lol!
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    I use getdpd dot com. You can set the permissions for each person to get one download, and it creates a unique download code, can't be bypassed. If they try a second download on the same link, it won't work. It even encrypts paypal and clickbank pay links! Or, you can get ebook generator, that works by ip address and unlock code, and if you find out anyone tried to share, you can lock out the code to open the book! I've had no problems since!

    If you ain\'t livin\' on the edge, you\'re takin\' up too much space!

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    I think you should develop a software which would generate a particular pin for one time usage,when the customer requests,you provide the pin code, after one time downloading the code gets expired.
    one of my friend did this thing.
    Maria Jarel
    Brand Partnership Manager| | The Art for Business
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