Need a primer on IM for a newbie

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I've been marketing for a while, and my sister who lives in another state is out of work, collecting unemployment.

I was thinking about trying to get her to join my struggling new enterprise from her home.

She's somewhat computer savvy, but has no clue about IM.

Can anybody suggest a site or ebook that could give her a comprehensive overview? Preferably without a lot of hype and sales pitch.
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    I would recommend...

    Crazy Deals Weekly

    There are hundreds of hosted products on this site. You can control the price of each product or do downsells with OTO because you can change the products into OTOs with a few clicks of your mouse.

    There are squeeze pages that you can connect your autoresponder to in less than 5 minutes so you can also build a list in your own autoresponder so you own the list you build.

    You are in control of all the redirects so you can put together complete sales funnels.

    All the products are downloadable so you can download traffic products and learn how to drive traffic to any products of your choice.

    All the products pay instant 100% commissions directly into your PayPal account.

    There is a small monthly cost of $27.00.

    Its just like having hundreds of your own products so all your sister would have to do is download what she needs to learn how to promote the products of her choice. All the hard work is done for her.

    New products are added every week.

    I hope this is helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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      That has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked
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        Send her here. Get a war room membership, pick one thing that sounds interesting in there and read the report, watch the videos and take action. Don't stop until you make it work.
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        Originally Posted by RogerBell View Post

        That has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked

        I hope you are not affended! But I'm willing to give your sister a free membership because I'm just trying to help out. CrazyDealsWeekly in the perfect place for your sister to learn how to do Internet marketing.

        She can still come to this forum and learn from a bunch of people who have a lot of advice to give and no money to show for it. You can tell who they are just by looking at their stats. If they are spending all their time here on this forum, how are they making money.

        I've been a member of this forum since 2004 and I don't think I have 40 posts. Because I'm out there doing it and stead of talking about it.

        Crazy Deals Weekly has 99% of all the Internet marketing elements in play. Your sister can learn by actually doing to learn and I would not cost her a single dime.

        I've been working for over 4 years to develop a new technology for membership sites. Crazy Deals Weekly is a test site for this software. I added it to an existing site so the site isn't set up exactly how I would like it, but it functions well.

        The site is designed for people so they can jump in and just have to mainly worry about marketing. Many people worry to much about the product and never get around to the marketing part. Products are a dime a dozen. The marketing is where the money is made.

        There are hosted squeeze pages there so your sister can use your autoresponder to begin building a list. Every thing is hosted so she doesn't have to worry about the parts that don't make her any money, like designing a website, ftping files up to the server, creating download pages to deliver the products she sells and makes 100% commission paid directly into her PayPal account.

        She can adjust the priced on the products with a click of her mouse. She can put together complete sales funnels from the squeeze page to a medium ticket OTO product, which can link to a low end product to a introductory product.

        She is in total control of all the redirects so she can redirect to affiliate products on other sites. There are 34 different categories or niches of products for her to choose from. You could help her pick out a squeeze page and 3 products to build her sales funnel and set the prices of the products either up or down so the product will flow better in her sales funnel.

        99% of the products she would be able to download at no charge as a Gold member. So if she needed to learn how to set up your autoresponder with messages for the backend, she could download the ebook with your help that would make this easy for her to do.

        Once she had her autoresponder set up, you could begin teaching her different ways to market so she can drive traffic to her sites. You may want to start out with article marketing, and once she knows how to put together an article and learn where to post them.

        Then you can get her started blogging to drive traffic to her websites and do her social marketing. She can even do continuity marketing by putting CrazyDeals Weekly in her profit funnel or any other membership site she would like to promote.

        The main point I'm trying to make here, she will be able to learn by doing instead of sitting her butt in this forum and not getting anything accomplished. It is much easier to learn by doing. And once she knows how to market and is making money, then she can learn to do all the stuff that makes no money at all or work on your business.

        My software does all the hard stuff for her that is time consuming and cost money instead of making money.

        I know what I'm talking about. I have 3 different autoresponder with over 100,000 opt-in subscribers on each one. I just spent the entire day trying to help people out with their list building problems and some of the people should have known better.

        Since your sister does not have a job, the quicker she can get to the money the better. It is when she makes her first sale is when the Internet marketing bug will hit her.

        I'm only trying to help her accelerate her marketing learning experience. She should be able to start making money in a month or so with your help.

        My offer will not cost her anything. If you would like to reconsider my offer to give her a free membership to help her out, then send me a PM and I will send you the registration information.

        She will also need to open a PayPal business account so she will have a way to process her sales. She doesn't even have to learn how to deliver the products because the software does it for her.

        Again I was only wanting to help because Internet marketing has a big learning curve and Crazy Deals Weekly is designed to shrink that curve.

        Steve Yakim

        P.S. Even if you did not want your sister to learn this way, take the free membership because I know there are several Internet marketing over view books she could download.
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    I would get her to join the warrior forum and look around for a while and collect free information from other warriors sigs.
    As far as the hype is concerned you will find that most places you go.
    Good luck.
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    Initially you need to create eagerness in herself to learn IM and then ask her to join warrior forum to get several monstrous benefits.
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    learn as much as you can from free resources. seomoz (whiteboard friday videos) and google channel on youtube and the WF of course.
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