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Hey Everyone:

I have a well established blog, top rankings in Google for my keyword. My site has been around right about a year. I was checking some of my blog posts yesterday to see rank position and noticed that nearly all the ones I checked have vanished. The content of each post is unique, and highly optimized (H1, H2, H3, etc). The only thing different thing I have been doing lately is pinging my Article Marketing Robot links (which link back to my posts.) The other thing is that I have been gaining in rank with my actual domain name for other keywords that I have been targeting. But my post rankings (which target different keywords) dropped off.

Can the Google dance happen at any time? Any ideas of why this is happening, or anyone going through anything similar? I only do 2-3 AMR postings a week so I am not blasting out thousands of articles each week. My traffic has dropped by over 50%. I check my stats daily and it seems it started happening yesterday, stats for all of last week were within normal range.

Thanks everyone.
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    If you have changed the way you ping, this could be the problem. Your changes could be causing multiple pings for the same posts, which Google considers to be spamming.

    I would go back to the old method of pinging and see if after a short time your traffic begins to return. If not you may have been banned and will have to move your blog to a different domain and begin all over again.

    I hope I'm wrong,
    Steve Yakim
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      Very difficult subject. I am sure most website owners at some point in time have experienced a drop in traffic and ranking. The problem is it is very hard for us to predict why this could have happened. I recently had a drop and I was worried trying to figure what I should do to get my site back up in google.

      I would suggest you try other methods of advertising to get your site higher in google target other keywords. Having lots of traffic to your site is a rewarding feeling so try to promote your site more because google dance can happen at anytime so being prepared will help you be able to deal with change.
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    Could be the Panda update. It's affected a lot of people this time around.


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      Thanks for the feedback everyone. What I did with AMR was grab my live links and export them into a text file. Then I would highlight some of those links and ping them. I did not ping the same link multiple times, unless the report in AMR had duplicate links. I will hope for the best, take this as a learning curve, and keep plugging along and with any luck everything will return back to normal or at least with reason.
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        Another thing you can do is comment on other blogs using the same keywords as your post. Make it an honest comment and leave a link to you blog post on that blog comment.

        Then go to your book marking sites and bookmark the page you commented on. This will give you deep back links and can really improve your traffic. It does help a little bit if the blogs you comment on have a higher page rank but not that much.

        You must make sure your comment is visible (approved) before you post to bookmark sites.

        Try to do comments on at least 3 different blogs for every post you make on your blog. Never post directly to your blog on these bookmarking sites.

        I hope this helps,
        Steve Yakim
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