Frankly speaking it's a VERY COOL site

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Hi All,

I stumbled across this while doing some research and thought it might change some people's thoughts on how sites should look...

It's fairly interactive and very unique, I've never seen a site like it before:
Frank PR - Public Relations Consultancy


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    Holy crap! This is awesome....

    I've never seen anything like this, and would probably have no idea where to start to design something like this...

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    Wow that is easily one of the coolest, if not the coolest and unique website I have seen, nice find man.
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    It's "cool".... it's "clever"..... yet from a marketing perspective I think it's terrible. I would never want a site like that as the public face of my company on the internet (at least not as it's currently designed).

    First, I sit and wait while the site tells me that it's "loading...." ("hey there potential customer, your time isn't valuable so please sit and wait while we present our cool and clever website designed primarily to gratify our need to prove how cool we are at the expense of your precious time".... "click", I'm off to another site.)

    Then, once the site has loaded, I find myself in need of the Hubble space telescope to read the ridicuously small cartoons and jumbled print that doesn't present me with a compelling offer or headline, tells me nothing about what they do, and gives me no reason why I would want to contact them.... "click", I'm off to another site.

    Assuming that I've stuck around a bit longer, they then decide to annoy me further with endless "popping" sounds as I mouse over their site trying to figure out what they have to offer and why I would want to contact them.... "click", I'm off to another site.

    The site was designed to gratify someone's creative ego, not to make sales. I wouldn't even think of hiring this company based on their website alone.
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    Sorry, I don't like it. Clever doesn't pay the bills.

    Maybe he's successful. I hope so, but I'd say that's only because the site may have been around a while.
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    I gave up waiting for it to load.
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    Honestly, I wasn't so impressed. I prefer a site where I can see what the guy is about. The cool/wow factor might be interesting at first, but trust me, cool/wow gets old very quickly when you really want information. Unless the guy was running a major media conglomerate which could afford to leave people waiting to load and force them to look at a bunch of little cartoons, he's probably congratulating himself on his wow factor while getting a really high bounce rate.
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    It's cool looking and creative but I don't think it does a very good job of selling the company. The landing page is just a set of links, the print is too small and it's difficult to figure out what's going on on that page. I think that anyone that's not familiar with the company will get a little confused and just click out of the site.

    Just a few of my thoughts

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    I think I clicked on about forty different things that weren't clickable but looked as if they might be.
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