PLR Idea - What do you guys (and gals) think?

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I was thinking about something. A membership site with 1 book a week (about 10,000 words). They would be written by me and would come with PLR rights. They'd come with PSDs as well.

$47 bucks a month.

Just an idea. What do you guys think?
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    In what niche? I would really have to feel like it's something I need in my business to sign up for $47 per month.
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    It feels a little on the expensive side to me, particularly if not all of the products are going to be relevant to my niches. Just to give you an example, I know someone is charging about $17 per month for a similar service and the quality of his ebooks is pretty good.

    You also haven't said whether you're going to limit the number of members to your site. While I don't mind paying a premium for great PLR, I'm reluctant to do so if everyone's going to have it!
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      $47 a month is probably a bit high for PLR - particularly when most members won't use every ebook every month. To me $17-$27 sounds a bit more realistic.

      It would depend on how many members would be in the membership though.

      And it would depend on what kind of rights come with the PLR (I prefer when rights have some restrictions e.g. you can't sell on auction sites, you can't sell for below a particular price, you can't sell PLR rights to the PLR etc), but that might put other people off.
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    I think you might find $47 p/m is quite steep. You would have to have limited numbers and be able to offer something which appeals to a very broad set of marketers if they're locked into buying without knowing what they'll receive.

    Have you looked at Kate Anderson's PLR sites for comparison?

    Good luck with whichever route you go.

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    I agree $47 is a bit high for what you seem to be offering you possibly could get away with $27 if we are looking at very good content with broad appeal ie. multiple niches.
    I saw something similar a while back with free hosting. This of course ties people to you longer, so it might be worth considering.
    Best of luck whatever you decide.
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      $47 bucks a month??

      ouch it's to expensive
      GUARANTEEE $3000/month, i made it in 2 months.
      just Check This Out before you late
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      $47 for 4 ebooks a month? Sounds reasonable to me.

      I think some here don't realize just how much content that is.

      It will depend on the quality and what niches.

      What I would suggest you do first is offer custom ebooks on topics to gain reputation. There is someone who used to be on this forum and used to do it - and I do believe she was charging $97 out the gate and did kick it higher over time.

      Once you have a list of who like to buy your work, you ask them what they would like written and what they are willing to pay for it.

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    Great feedback. Thank you guys
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      I'm with Jill, although I'm very reluctant to sign up for any kind of PLR membership. I've tried a few. A couple of "issues" arose...

      > The niches chosen are ones I have zero interest in, so for that period, my money is wasted. I much prefer the ala carte approach as a buyer.

      > The people running the membership run out of gas and the quality slips badly. Jill mentioned that 4 10,000 word ebooks is a lot of content for the money. I say that, if you intend to write all the content yourself, that's a LOT of content, period.

      Can you realistically sustain that level of production? Or will you have to outsource the production at some point? Will you be able to find a reliable source before you hit a time crunch and have to take what you can get?

      If you can hack it and keep people happy, have at it. But don't just look at the continuity income. Go in with your eyes wide open.

      Good luck to you...
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    Personally, I would be interested, but only if I knew in advance a little about the niches.

    If every ebook was completely unrelated, then the number of sites to build begins to grow rapidly. But if for example, I knew that 1 ebook each month would be in a related niche to an ebook from the past couple months.

    For example, if one ebook was about gardening, and 2 months later another ebook either about gardening or related to gardening were made available, my gardening customers are a good launching point when that book comes out.

    Likewise, I'd need a little more about how many members would have the same ebook, what the details of the PLR terms are, etc.

    A lot of people use the term PLR, but toss it into the 'do whatever you want with it' category, while other people use the term PLR and then actually put terms (which many people ignore) about what can or can't be done with the product.

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    I agree that you have to think carefully about what people need. As people have said above, I often join memberships sites only to quit because the topics that come up aren't exactly what I need. Or even that there's too much content for me to use. With 4 eBooks a month, that's a lot of content for people to use so they could end up quitting because they find they can't use it.

    There are a few sites that offer deals like this I think, so it could be a good idea to study what they do, what they offer as extras, how niche specific they are and so on. Will be a good way to get an idea of the demand, as well as ideas for ways to differentiate yourself.
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    I do like the idea of a subscription based model, but feel $29 would a little easier to pay.
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      Sounds good to me. Check your PM, or email, or skype.

      "DO or DO NOT. There is NO try!" -- Yoda

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    Thanks everyone. You're awesome
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    I would probably pay $27 for an offer like that. Perhaps you can make it at that price as a WSO offer?

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    I would also want to know if you offer any of the supporting cast for the ebooks - sales page, grapics, squeeze page, etc? This would be important to me, especially if the ebooks are in different niches.

    Honestly, I'd probably prefer to buy them alacarte rather than in a membership. But you could offer both... just make the individual alacarte ebooks a higher price than in the membership.

    Good luck!
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    I've seen PLR sites that are $97 per month so $47 is doable. BUT and this is a big but. The content has to be niche specific and exclusive. For example health and fitness, You would have to offer the ebooks, at least 25 articles each month and a couple of shorter reports. A few bonuses like audio and affirmations couldn't hurt either.

    All of this is still only worth about $27 bucks per month. What would justify the higher price would be the exclusivity of the membership. For $47 bucks per month the membership should be limited to 250. I know the $97 membership I mentioned is restricted to 99 members plus the members are barred from reselling the PLR as is.


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    To be honest, I'd need to work overtime if I get 4 PLR's a month. It does take time to customize and put it up. I'd rather get one high quality PLR with all sales materials included.
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