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I've been reading a few tutorials, and watched a few videos about marketing campaigns on Facebook and I am THINKING about starting up a campaign. I would just like to hear from anybody who has successfully done a PPC campaign and also anybody who failed miserably (pm me if you dont want people to know, I wont tell )
Would just like a couple of pointers from experienced people who have done the rounds before I look into it further. I dont want to blow a load of cash on advertising if its not going to get me anywhere.
I have an initial start up budget of around the $500 mark, is this even enough?
Any help or tips would be appreciated
Many thanks
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    Are you a small biz or restaurant owner? If so I think you should look into Wavespot wireless. They sell a router that links with your business fan page, so everyone that uses your WiFi becomes your facebook fan, furthermore the "like" is viral in that the visitor's FB network knows that they came to your location...its a great way to build a strong following online
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      Sorry I should have said, it would just be promoting a digital product.

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        Anybody, please?

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    Be careful of facebook advertising.You can burn your budget fast without getting much result. For me, targeting the correct audience & funny ads is the key in facebook advertising.People on facebook looks for funs, my ads which looks funny always have high CTR.

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  • As with any type of ppc, it depends on the niche. I'm not sure how much marketing research time you want to dedicate but If you're really concerned about how well your ad may be received on fb, consider setting up a fanpage to start. Then you can judge interest from there. If you have a decent amount of responsive fans you know you're on the right track. Plus the fanpage is free.
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    Facebook advertisement really works . But , you need to understand that if you don't know what you are doing , you could lose your money quickly and badly .
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    To be successful with FB ads, you don't even need to use that $500 budget fully, start with a low budget and make back the money to reinvest.

    You need to take note of you picture, the copy itself, and of course depends on the target audience you are targeting.

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      Cheers for the responses guys!

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