I can not BELIEVE IT!

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I went to a Free Seminar. I up graded to the 97.00 package because I value Seminars. I know I can learn. Well What they did to you at this seminar was torture. They pulled out all the TACTICS . People who have never been to a Seminar would leave feeling like if they did not buy one of there 4000.00 products they will fail Themselves and Their Families not to mention their Charities. They kept you up all night and Hypnotized you so that they could make that sale. They used Fear of Loss over and over. And over priced all their products and then every 10 min drop the price. It made me sick I will never go again. I knew they were going to sell I was cool with that But the TACTICS SUCKED. I am glad I did not go today. They make you believe they are over delivering through hypnotism. Just WARNING Guys unless you have the money to Pay for over priced Crap do not Fall for it. Do not go into debt for these Salesman Guru Tactics.
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    Have u come across anything that has worked for you?
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    I know what you mean. People should stop trying to take advantage of others, that aint cool.
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    Reminds me of when my wife and i went into Direct Buy... Those guys are snakes. I cant stand high pressure sales. I never use those tactics to close a website sale and i never plan to. I could probably make a lot more money but its not worth my soul lol.

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    Pushy. Not the best sales tactic. What ever happened to building rapport and getting people to like you first.
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    Why don't you tell people names... people or the name of the seminar... so nobody else has to go through the same ****... ;-)
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    Originally Posted by Davidoriol1986 View Post

    Just WARNING Guys unless you have the money to Pay for over priced Crap do not Fall for it. Do not go into debt for these Salesman Guru Tactics.
    There is permission for a few only people who sign right now to get a massive 25% saving.
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    I've been to several different types of seminars and each one is different. When I went to Russell Brunson's he did not try to upsell or cross sell. He did let us know about his up and coming product. Then I also went to Jerry the rhino" Clark. Throughout the presentation he did use all of the NLP out there. By the time it was over, everyone had price sheets in hand and one time offers were on them.

    So to tell you the truth. Some will push for upsells and others won't. It's just the way of most businesses.
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    We should put together our own REALISTIC and REASONABLY PRICED seminar package!

    What do you guys think? I can hook us up with plenty of venues, I just need a few people to go in with me on the infomercial costs. We split the proceeds evenly. What do you think? If per venue we have 400 attendee, sell 40 packages at $97 each, with upgrades to $147 on just 8 packages, and have a responsive list of buyers, and viable prospects for the watered down edition for only $47...

    IMAGINE the returns when I hook us up with 30 venues over 3 months?

    Sorry, I had to say it. But seriously, if I had some of the people here as speakers, providers of their own products, and an agreement to take a small discount off the selling price for customers who bought the whole 'package' (say 5 strong warrios, each with a $50-$150 package, for a $250-750 'retail' price with a 10% off total if they buy the 5 warrior package...)

    Boggles the mind, and *MY* seminar would be delivering value!

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    I think I will put on a seminar... with a lot more class of course.

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