On average, how much traffic per day does it take to make one sale everyday?

by TonyAG
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I currently own a blog receiving 70 unique visitors per day. 95% of those visitors convert. Problem is I've only made one sale in the past three weeks.

I've heard some people need at least a thousand visitors everyday to make a sale. What do you think?
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    I guess it really depends on what niche you're working on.. I've heard many people talking about the 1000 to 1 ratio as well but imo, 500 to 1 is more like it
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      On average websites convert at 1.5-2%.. Your not guaranteed that 2 out of 100 will by, but it's an overall average... Conversion rate isn't accurate till you have at least 1,000 plus viewers, but id hope you get a few sells before 500 people hit the site.
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    It really just depends on a lot of factors and what fly around as the average rate of conversion is just and estimate base on a general point of view, but just as in every general there are particulars cases.

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    It also depends "Where they are coming from"
    If they are coming from the keyword : "buy TonyAg today" you might only need 50 visitors but if they are coming from the keyword : "get free TonyAg today" you might need 3000 visitors.
    Do not forget your demografics neither ex: teens looking for games vs executive looking for ...

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    The keyword is the most important part. If all your visitors are coming because they are looking for FREE stuff, then conversion can be as low as 0.001%
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    You can only control what you track. You can start with google analytics and the stats from your shopping cart and/or paypal and your autoresponder stats. Forget what others are getting for numbers because you'll conform ( settle )to them. It's better not to know what others are doing and just meticulously track your metrics, you may find that converting at 40% might be the norm for you while everyone else in your niche only converts at 25%

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    I would agree..it depends on where they are coming from. For ex: I get a 1:40 conversion from yahoo answers. Unfortunately, in the niche, cannot get more from that source :-)
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    There are way too many variables for any of us to even give you an avg. Sorry. That's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. There are all kinds of traffic sources, relative "temperature" of the visitors in terms of how ready they are to buy or opt-in or whatever, how much your offer costs, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

    All you can reasonably do is start testing the things within your control (on the page) and see what converts the traffic you are getting on a daily basis into the most buyers (or opt-ins or whatever you consider the payoff).

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