A Public Apology.....

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Hello Warriors,

It seems a discussion I made earlier about a WSO I was working on has been deemed as advertising and I have been punished for it.

The whole principle of that topic I made earlier was not advertisement as the WSO I was trying to discuss with people is not even active and won't be active for a very long while as it is not even finished yet.

I do not know who reported me, but I am sorry if you deemed my post to be an advertisement. The Entire Topic was meant to be a DISCUSSION about the theme of the WSO and whether or not it seemed a worthwhile WSO. I wanted to know what people's thoughts were of it, not advertise something that probably won't be on sale for another month or so.

I'm sorry for any misunderstanding and I hope to gain some respect back from members via this apology

Daniel James Warburton
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    Hi Daniel,

    Its a common mistake and no big deal... since you seem to understand the issue. The post gets removed and 3 seconds later no one remembers it was there.

    Just learn from it and move on :-)
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    • To me it is a big deal...

      I really hoped to come back onto this forum and gain a lot of respect from individuals. It's my 1st day back after 9 months and I've already done something wrong.

      Thanks for the comforting words anyway
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        Daniel, there's an expression that may apply here...

        "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it may not actually BE a duck, but that's the smart way to bet."

        It's a pretty common tactic for people trying to drum up interest in a product launch, whether WSO or not. And some people are very sensitive to it. So they report the post in question.

        After a certain number of reports, which isn't published, the post goes into moderation where the moderators make a judgment call on the post. If it passes muster, it returns; if not, it's deleted.

        Even when the poster's intentions are good, as you say yours were, there are others with less noble motives who will point to your post and use it as evidence that their promotional post should stay. The mods here are all volunteers with their own affairs to manage, so they tend to err on the side of deleting questionable posts. It's not personal.

        Your apology is sticking, so your best course is to let it scroll away and move on.
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    It's all good. This thread shows that it probably wasn't intended as a presell. I don't think any harm has been done. You've learned something in the process about how to discuss something that you might be selling and how it can be perceived as blatant self-promotion.
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    The fact that it bothers you says a lot for who you are. I respect that.

    Like others have said, we all make mistakes. We learn from them and move on.

    No harm, no foul.


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    Yes, mate, you need to be careful with that.

    I have already seen other guys creating threads on other sections just to promote WSOs. Threads like "How I'm making $X,XXX a day with a simple strategy", and then the guy doesn't give any real information, just tries to convince people that he is making money so that he can launch a WSO in the next days and get newbies to buy it.

    (I haven't seen your thread and I'm sure that it had nothing to do with the example above, so it is just... an example Do'nt take me wrong!)

    I don't see anything wrong with selling products (not saying this just because I have WSOs :p). After all, we are all here to learn how to sell products, aren't we?

    However, there are the ethical and the unethical strategies, and the moderators of this forum have been putting a lot of effort to keep this community as ethical as possible (just compare the WF with the other IM forums out there and you will see that the guys here are doing a very good work). So make sure that you stay miles away from the dark side!

    Sometimes we have good intentions, but end up committing innocent mistakes that make people think we are using tactics that are not allowed in this community, and, as I said, it can cause us problems, because the moderators have been doing a good work "cleaning" the forum.

    So think twice before posting anything that can promote a product of yours outside the WSO section!

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    It happens! I mistakenly created a post in the wrong forum the other day and got the thread deleted. The mod was really friendly about it and I really respect that

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    Hi Daniel,
    Don't take the deleted post the wrong way. Many here including myself have had posts
    deleted in the past. Your post started out good but then took a turn in the wrong direction.

    From what I seen in the thread you didn't push the issue after I warned you of what
    could/might happen.

    No big deal. Live and learn that's what we all do.

    Once again, Welcome back!

    Have a Great Day!
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      I'm really new and really green.

      I think I remember the post and I didn't see it as salesy at all. However as another poster mentioned some people are more sensitive to those things than others. I've learned something as well.

      It's great that you wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of your intentions and you'll be remembered more for that than the questionable post.

      Actually, in a few days it'll be like... Huh? What post?


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    Didn't see the post, but as others have said, we all make mistakes. Also, don't know if this was the case with your post, but there are also some posts that are open to differences of opinion on whether or not it is just a promotion and the moderators have the final say, so if there is a doubt, err on the side of caution.
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