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So I am looking to try something new for the 2009 year. This isn't my first attempt at IM I had tried previously but it did not work out the way I wanted and in fact I didn't even make a single sale. I believe I did not make any sales for multiple reasons, one large one being that it was a subject that I was completely uninterested in, I chose it because there was a good deal of products I could sell and it seemed easy enough.

I also went a hundred different ways with a thousand different things, so it didn't work too well.

This time I want to take it slow, choose one thing that I like and profit with it. Right now my main problem is choosing the right niche for me. This is why I am posting here.

Some of the things I have a lot of interest in are computers, video games, movies, sports, audio/visual equipment, car stereo, and a few others.

A little bit of interest in things like robotics, cooking, web design, and some other stuff. This is stuff I may not have a lot of knowledge in this information but I am willing to learn.

I feel that it is in my interest to do something that I will love I just need help in choosing that thing that I can love, but can also make money with.

I would be highly appreciative if anyone could give me suggestions on a niche for me or examples of how to come up with my own. Also ideas upon how to monetize it.

I intend to fund these by doing some writing for people as well. Is it still essentially 5 dollar an article? I read somewhere that people pay 50 dollars for a single blog entry. Anyone know where I could find something along those lines.

Thank you,
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    Have you tried looking at hot sellers at places like clickbank? I like to work backwards sometimes, by finding a product I really like, as opposed to the niche itself.

    I'd encourage you to keep ideas in mind that won't be too hurt by the economy in this time.


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      I can't tell you exact niches, that are going to be the real deal of 2009, but why don't you look at Amazon and Ebay Hot Selling Products, the social media sites - they always have something like hot groups, featured tags or pages, delicious top 100.... there are so many places to look out for good niches.

      You may also try 10 niches for a month, compare results, than stick to the money maker - this was always been the right way for me. If you don't have the resources to make 10 websites just for testing, why don't you use the so-called "web 2.0 properties"? This can even show the results faster.
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    In my opinion you've to follow your passion! Think about everything you're interested in and think about everything you're good at and I bet you could come up with great ideas.

    A lot of ppl get stuck in the "how to pick the pefect niche" , because there was too much advice given... Too many different opinions on what works and what doesn't.

    I believe that the most important thing is to make sure that people are buying in the market. Don't freak out if the competition is fearce, because this means a lot of dinero can be made. There's always a place for a better product, there are thousands of untapped ways that could help you to attract more customers. Focus on one thing, try it for 90 days, if you 0 results - move on and try something else

    Build business around your life, but don't build life around your business.

    "Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50m, but I was just as happy when I had $48m." Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    I agree with Collin, try sites like and search their bestsellers list, this will show you what people are buying, and if people are buying it then there is a demand for it.

    You can also try going down to the supermarket or news stand and look at the topics on magazines - these are also what people are buying, if they weren't being bought, there wouldn't be magazines being sold - so there is a niche there.

    Look through these sources to find what people are buying and then compare those with maybe some of your own hobbies or passions and see what you come up with.
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    I understand the idea of needing a good product, as well as something I enjoy. The idea of looking at places like eBay and are good ideas but at the same time their hot sellers are things like Wiis and Xbox 360s I don't exactly want to be competing with Best Buy and Walmart for this.

    Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    Lee look in Amazon books bestsellers, not their physical products but their books.
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      Originally Posted by Shezz View Post

      Lee look in Amazon books bestsellers, not their physical products but their books.
      Am I supposed to be looking for business books here or things like Twilight? Is the something where I make a blog about vampires and have amazon ads on the side of the blog? Sorry I am just trying to grasp what you are suggesting.

      I appreciate the input so far lets keep it rolling.
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    Just look at CB for the popular products...
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