How is this site making money?

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So I found this guy online who had a video about his own money making formula product that he was selling. He showed some of his websites in the video and I went to check them out.

Now the shocker! his ranking is spectacular, but he has basically a 3 post page for his homepage on kidney diets. I checked his site in backlink checker and it said he only had 5 backlinks. Alexa shows 15 links to his site. The biggest question I have, is since Google has supposedly changed and continues to change its algorithms how is this site still ranking so well?

His website is kidneydiet dot net, and you can find him ranking #1 for the key phrase "kidney diet" among others

Do these small mini sites like this still work, even though I have heard hundreds of people on the Warriorforum say they will be taken down?

One other question, one of my sites ( the first one in my sig) has over 400 backlinks, many are quality, but yet I am still having a hard time ranking over websites with lower backlinks and less information.

Thanks in advance!

"Correction - I just double ckecked and used www and found 156 backlinks to his site."
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    mini sites works perfect still!
    Also good SEO lifts it all on google top 10 making tons of cash, and yes, SEO is still a kink if made properly!

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    There is a lot of factors with rankings, it isn't just backlinks.

    Also, the tools for checking backlinks are never accurate. They do not show each and every single backlink to a website.

    So, they only tell half of the story.

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    I have seen websites which have less numbers of links when compare with others but still they are ranking well than others ,, after doing some research I found some reasons that why that websites rank well & still researching on it
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    I don't think his ranking is that spectacular. Kidney diet the phrase gets 6k and kidney diet exact gets 2k.
    3 of his backlinks have PR and are from authority sources other then that there is nothing special about this site.

    Oh yeah, he promotes a clickbank product with in-text links.
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    I keep being told by people on here that mini sites are being shoveled out. I can see some truth to why Google would do that too.
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    I don't know what tool you've been using -- but OSE shows that he has over 100 dofollow links. And you don't need more than one page to be making money
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    Yeah I jumped the gun a little too quick and I corrected that in my original post he has over 100. Interesting most of the links on his site just say click here and don't have keywords? What do you guys think? - Also his ranking being spectacular was just referring to his alexa rank.
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    His Alexa rank is over 8Mil or am I mistaken? I could be it is midnight over here and I am about to pass out over my keyboard

    What the hell? That is a completely different site in you OP than just a minute ago?
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    I apologize I had put kidneydiets dot net before. lol makes a big difference!

    The correct site is kidneydiet dot net
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    Exact match domains still work, good backlinks still work, and decent content still works, even if it's a little low on the word count for my taste post-Panda.

    The phrase competition for the main keyword is around 100k, and the strength of his backlinks in Majestic is decent, but nothing to write home about.

    Someone could take this away from him with a just a bit of work, good find dsbusiness.
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    Well then I may have just helped someone find a good niche to make money in. Too bad I know nothing about the subject matter lol. Good luck to anyone out there
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