Outsourcing, for Free.. (not free)

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Not free as in "not paying money" but.. well.. read below.

When People hear "outsource" they imagine these fortune 500 companies with massive floats to pay for it and never really open them selves up to the power of managing a business, instead of running a business.

Articles last a long time but let me expand on that for a moment, Warriors listen up..

1) You write or acquire unique, quality article both well written and SEO friendly tiles and keywords etc.

2) You submit them to the top directories and get them indexed by Google etc.

3) Now you're making some money right?

What next? You either write some more, or leave them to dry up (if they ever do) right?


With the money coming in from the articles you take half (if not more) of the profits and use it to outsource more article writing.

Wait and see your return on that for a while (it will be good ).

Now you're making really good money from all of your content "out there". So what next?

Again, you can either let them dry up or continue to pummel profits back into article outsourcing right?


With the loads of cash coming in from your articles you take half of the profits (if not more) and use it to outsource converting your thousands of already-wrote articles into videos! This will make you around 1 thousand mini sales-videos all making you even more cash.

That's 1000 articles & 1000 videos all targeting your niche keywords. Throw an auto submitter into the mix and you're laughing!

How Does 1000 X 30 video directories sound?

Can you see how this works? You never risk any money as you're using remainder "play money" to make even more net profit.

I'll leave you to figure out the rest

The above is my basic 101 concept of the power of outsourcing and I hope you like it. It's nothing scary. This is how people can pay $500 a day on outsourcing without blinking.



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