Need advice for dominating my diet niche

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Hi WF,

I have a very high knowledge level and experience with a diet niche (from an offline business), and am now planning on exploring this niche online.

The competition is medium, but I have no chance (or aspiration) to be the leading authority. The guy at the top hires people full time, pumping out amazing free content daily and has been for years. The next place or two are people doing it for free because they love it. I am only interested in selling physical & info products related to the niche and there are many to sell.

There are however a bunch of EMDs still available, so since I am not planning on matching my competition with content, would it be a good idea to register all of them and get a network of sites going related to my niche?

What advice do you have for a niche with revenue potential but that has some authorities established already?
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    My advice would be to weave yourself around these companies. Don't go for keywords that they are obviously optimizing for, go for product review keywords (this gives targeted traffic that are ready to buy something).

    Although product review keywords drive a smaller amount of traffic the conversion rates for buying products is much higher.

    Example 1:

    Keyword: "Weight Loss" - HUGE competition, not a chance to rank among the best and gain thousands of views per hour.

    These guys are searching for information about weight loss and not necessarily wanting to pay for it.

    Exampe 2:

    Keyword "Weight Loss Product A Review" - Medium competition, not too much traffic, the big guys aren't ranking here, just other people like you trying to make affiliate sales from the product. Good possibility to rank highly here.

    A large percentage of these searches are typing that keyword with their right hand while they are fumbling for their credit card in the other... Get in the face of these guys and explain why they should buy the product and why they should buy it from you.


    One month later

    Guy from example one is on page 492 for his keyword and still backlinking like crazy

    Guy from example two is on page one, climbing to the top and making sales left right and centre.

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    My advice, just like as the person above me posted is to choose less competitive keywords like.

    "how to lose leg fat" - 2,400 GMS (Global Monthly Searches)
    "lose thing fat" - 1,400 GMS and "how to lose body fat" 6,600 GMS

    I didn't check their competition, but there you go.

    Moral of the story. Target specific body parts, or specific products.

    Your welcome
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    The smallest is the subniche into a nkiche, the higher are your chances of being listed in the first pages of search engines. It was proven again and again...
    Try to have such keywords.
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    This is the second in a series that I have started on keyword analysis of different niches to help new internet marketers find keywords that they can use to target specific niche markets. I won’t rehash what I stated in the last article.
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    Originally Posted by thinkb View Post

    What advice do you have for a niche with revenue potential but that has some authorities established already?
    If you really do have something to bring to the table, offer to do a JV with them. This is very common.
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