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I have just joined and thought I would say hi to all

I am (obviously) new to Internet Marketing and have joined the forum to start learning and discussing with all the experts on here. I was born in the UK but now live in South Africa. On a recent business trip to the UK I met up with someone who has been marketing for years online and makes a damn good income part time. He gave me a few pointers but I seem to have been caught up in the quest for the ultimate online money making plan! 3 months later and I am still reading e-books, surfing a million sites etc etc.

So, although I need to learn I also need to start actually trying things out. I have decided to start with a couple of Amazon products and learn some SEO and see how I go.

Before anything happens I need a site. I have been attempting to learn how to use Dreamweaver but this seems to be something which will take me a while to learn. I would appreciate any opinions on this, is this essential or will a Wordpress site be ok to get started? Any other options you guys recommend?

Thanks and look forward to becoming involved in the forum.
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    Hi and welcome!

    I would suggest that you start with wordpress because it's so easy to set up a page with it.

    Take action, even if you don't make money at first..it's a great learning lesson for you.

    Reading im products does not make you money...it's the implementation of what you learned from reading them that puts you on a path to profit.

    You don't have to get it right, just get it going.

    and remember....

    Success comes from Good Judgement...

    Good Judgement comes from Experience...

    Experience comes from Bad Judgement...

    You've got to take action, make those bad judgements, so Success will Come!!!

    eric w
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    Welcome to the forum

    Dreamweaver is very easy to use once you get the hang of it, it can take a while to master though.

    In the meantime create sites using WordPress.

    There are many great WordPress themes about.
    'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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    someone can remove my unsucessfull 13th "thank you" ?
    Thank you!
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      Thanks for the replies. Any recommendations on hosting to start off with?

      Eric - thanks for the wise words

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    Hello and welcome to Warrior Forum! I was once where you were and honestly I wish I had found Warrior Forum way sooner than I did! There is a wealth of information here but don't get stuck reading and reading. You do need to take action at some point. Since you have decided to start with Amazon products I would take a look at this post:
    How to Find a Niche Market - A Guide to Finding New Amazon Product Niche Markets
    I've shortened the url but its to a post on Warrior Forum discussing finding markets or keywords on Amazon.
    As far as hosting goes, I use hostmonster myself but I know a lot of people that use and love hostgator. I couldn't tell you the difference between the two and I haven't found a reason to switch.
    As far as a site to start with, I wold recommend Wordpress like others have already mentioned. Most hosts offer some type of simple script to install it and here are 1000's of templates to choose from some no time wasted learning how to code html and css. Dreamweaver is great and it has its uses but starting out don't waste your time. Focus on what you are good at and take action!!
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    Scrap dreamweaver ASAP if you're just starting out. You can have a site up in an hour with Wordpress, instead of in weeks or months while you're trying to learn Dreamweaver. I know Dreamweaver and for IM I just never find myself using or needing it anymore.
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      Thanks for this advice, I really appreciate it. I can see I would have spent weeks learning Dreamweaver and would have kicked myself once I found out it is not essential. Right, gonna find some products and get going........

      I am so glad I joined this forum

      Thanks kfinney for the link, some great reading.

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        If I were starting out, I'd definitely mine this forum for all its got! To start, get a couple of the guru WSOs. Find one that people really like or do some homework on WSOPlus.

        Then I'd actually buy some of the WSO and just consider it a great investment to the warrior community. Don't jump in on every OTO offer you get unless it makes sense though.

        Follow the steps and give your comments in the forums.

        When you get stuck, ask for help like you did now...WF is a *VERY* active forum as you can see and we're willing to help.

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  • Hey there, nice to see another person from South Africa on here.
    Ok, first thing I would definitely do is tell you to give wordpress a go. It's much easier than Dreamweaver if you are new to the game.
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      I can see already this is a very active forum and you guys are more than happy to help, thanks again.

      I have officially dumped my Dreamweaver learning for now, I think I have wasted enough time already, although, I still would like to learn it sometime in the future.

      I have received a couple of PM's, just to say I can't reply to them till I have 50 posts.

      So I have been off to Hostgator, now I find the problem is to actually find a .com.... Wow, every permutation I can think off around my niche is registered

      TB - You in South Africa?

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      • Originally Posted by SAmarket View Post

        TB - You in South Africa?
        Yip, sure am in SA.

        P.S. If you're struggling to register a domain, consider doing something like key-word.com using hyphens, or even adding a letter to the end like 'x' - keywordx.com
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    Hi Guys i m new here.....
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      It's good to know I am not the only one from SA here

      Is it important to have a .com? I see there are other options like .co

      I did read somewhere that these are not as effective.

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