Video (MP4) Taking 4 Minutes To Load/Play. Suggestions?

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Video experts, can you help me with this?

A power point video has been recorded as a sales video using screen flow which renders to a mac format by default.

That is then converted to .mp4 using Wondershare conversion app. The file is 91 mb and uploaded to s3.

I'm using a standard video player that calls on flash and plays flv, mp4, etc. But when page loads, the video doesn't. It takes 3-4 minutes before it starts playing!

Any suggestions to resolve?


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    Well, thats because you aren't streaming it. Just because the video is hosted offsite doesn't mean it is going to load faster, you can use a variety of components to stream the video if you want... but essentially the video is downloading into the users cache.
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      MP4 load time varies widely based on the speed of the connection, the computer, and even the browser. It's hard to predict how it will play for the average user. For this reason, most videos you see on the web are FLASH format.
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        Do some searching in the Warriors Forum.

        Search: Amazon S3 video hosting - speed issues

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    I'm curious, what is this 'Mac format' you talk about? Yes, go the S3 route, you won't be disappointed. Alternatively, you could take that Mac format file, throw it into a fantastic free program called MPEG Streamclip and convert that to a nice, small file.

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      Originally Posted by Mbullard View Post

      I'm curious, what is this 'Mac format' you talk about?
      I can "guess" he is saying .mov

      That is then converted to .mp4 using Wondershare conversion app
      You know another way to do this for free (kept private) is to upload it to youtube in the .mov and you can download it back in the mp4.

      But I didn't really answer your question on why it is taking 4 minutes to load. Maybe I need more information on that but I do know that on occasion S3 can be slow to do so.

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        You have to use 'wildform flix standard'.
        That's a codec to get your file in the right flv format.
        It will cost like $49 but then you have videos that play immediately without 'buffering' issues in execllent quality.

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          I recently was having the same problem with slow loading of a 50MB MP4 file hosted on Amazon S3 and using the JWPlayer which was on my VPS host.

          Basically my MP4 file had an information index at the end of the file so the file needed to be fully downloaded before it could start playing.

          I was able to fix the load issue with this nifty free utility.

          @renaun posts: QTIndexSwapper 2

          After converting the MP4 file it now plays almost immediately.


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    I would imagine the problem you are having, which others on this forum have also had, is with the meta data in your mp4 file. Some programs will tag the meta data on to the end of your video file which means the whole file has to download before it will start playing. You need to move that meta data to the beginning of the video file which will then allow it to start playing as soon as the page loads - without the whole file having to download first.
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