Does online marketing appeal to people for the same reason that People gamble?

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I was just wondering this...

Is online gambling and the addiction associated with it similar to Internet marketing?

Do people think they'll be minted if they gamble their funds in ppc etc and buy all the latest products?

Are people's decisions to buy products weighed towards more emotional based or do they rely more on rational thought?

What do you think?
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    Well for some people there is no difference.

    Another aspect: Make money products are very entertaining. Just reading how you could make money is fun. It is like a good movie.

    Many people who buy "how to make money products" never take action as the study of the product alone make hem happy.

    Next week they need the next product.

    Some people need a new movie every week and some just buy the next "ho to make money product".

    The price is the same (movie ticket $11 plus some coke and some popcorn: about $20). The entertainment value of an internet marketing product is often much higher. You can "replay" the thing as often as you like...

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    To a degree, for many, it's probably similar. ... It's the idea of "easy money."
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    It is similar to an extent! You can get lucky in gambling. But if you are not smart enough you can loose all your money here and if you are smart enough and have patience you can make millions each day.
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      Interesting thread. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. An addiction is somewhat of an obsession. Compulsive gamblers are obsessed with hitting it big, and are always sure that next bet is going to be the "big one".

      Internet marketing could be classified as that if someone takes it to that extreme and keeps sinking all of their money into the "next big thing". (I've know I've been there a few times)

      I just have to remember all that glitters is not gold. Whatever system I am going to use with IM, I have to put forth action.

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