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I started out by making a couple of sites about a month ago - one of them is a site that was reviewing physical products that I have actually bought and used and another one is a more content-heavy site that I do just for enjoyment.

It was only in the process of setting up my sites that I came across the idea of Internet Marketing and this forum. I put a couple of Amazon Affiliate links to the products that I had reviewed last week and I have sold 4 items yesterday (nothing to do with what I was reviewing, but hey!).

At first I was chuffed that people were even finding my site through Google and were actually spending time looking through the pages of my site and reading the reviews. There is an average of 8 mins when a person clicks onto my site where they are probably having a good read. It fealt great to have written something that people were actually reading. I was really excited.

And now, getting four Amazon sales has given me an extra boost. I may have only earned about $3 so far but still, it feels great. What was more exciting to me is that people are finding and reading my reviews especially when I am ranked no where near the top pages on Google. In fact, I'm so far back I can't even find myself for most of the keywords that people are finding my site with.

Oh well, I thought I would just make a post here to say that I am inspired by many of the stories that are here on this forum and that I'm starting to feel much more excitement about the whole process!
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    Congrats that is just the boost you need to go next level. Keep up the good work! Even tho its not that big celebrate like it is and more will come to you!
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      Congrats. The first sale is the hardest. Way to go.
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    Well done keep it up dont give up all you have to do rince and repeat and keep reading the forum people here do give go advice
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    Great work! It's an awesome feeling getting your first sale.

    Now that you made 3, I'm sure you can multiply that as many times as you wish.

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    Congratulations on your first sales!

    You mention that your sites are still hard to find in Google. Sometimes it takes a little while. Always spend the extra 5-10 minutes that others are not willing to spend and take that time apply OPSEO (on page search engine optimization) to your page.

    If you only have a moment and want to focus on just 3 on-page factors:
    1) title tag
    2) URL structure
    3) headline (h1 of h2)

    Also...take a few minutes and write a compelling meta description that is under 155 characters. (Not counting inbound links) title tags help you get found...but good description help get the clicks.

    Best of success.



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    That is great. I think that it is awesome to see all these newbs getting there first sales. Now rinse and repeat!

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    • Thanks for all your messages guys! Onwards and upwards from here.
      And thanks for the tips @George Curtis! I'll be sure to do that.
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        That's cool.Congrats. Now you need to get on the first page of Google. If you have a good keyword that will really be cool.
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    Congrats, it's good to know that it's possible to make sales through google without being on the first page.
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    Congradulations on your first sales. Keep pluging away and you will get more than just 3 at a time
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    Congratulations! That is exciting! Best wishes for your success!
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    Congrats, Great Job . Exiting!!!. Like Mikeroosa said, now you must try to increase your pagerank in Search Engine. You can find others thread here from warriors who offers this service...(I just bought it for $25 and waiting for the result) I will bookmark your thread and will PM you if the result is good.(maybe in a week/2 weeks)..

    Good Luck!!
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    Affiliate marketing has always sounded like an odd way to make money (even though its not, when you think about it.)

    So, I felt great when I made my first sale also. I'm glad I was patient enough to even go that far. I had nothing but time on my hands, so I was sitting with lots of frustration for a long time.
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    If your visitors are not coming from Google, then where are they coming from? Knowing where your traffic is coming from is critical to replicating and scaling up your marketing strategy.
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    Congratulations on making your first sale! The fact that your average visitor is spending 8 minutes on your site indicates you're definitely on the right track, as you're obviously capturing their interest and attention. Try to build more sites in a similar manner, and scale up from this initial good effort.

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    • Good job. Consider promoting products that are over $100 in price. Once someone has made up their mind they are going to buy something, the price doesn't really matter to a certain extent. I mean if someone is looking for a fridge, and they come to your site, they have already prepared themselves mentally to shell out a few hundred bucks for it. So my opinion is that it is almost as easy to sell a $200 product as it is to sell a $5 if you are targeting an audience that already wants it. This will ramp up your earnings like you wouldn't believe.
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    Make sure you set some goals, such as making two sales within a week!
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    Shireen here :-)

    Congratulations for your first sale! Keep doing what works & 2nd sale, 3rd sale... all will be coming soon :-)

    Keep it up!
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