How Much Is My Website Worth?

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Hey there Warriors,

So I own a website that's #1 for a not-so-competitive but fairly high traffic yielding keyword in the health niche. It has been increasing in Adsense revenue and visitors over the past two months.

Adsense: $20
Visitors: 3280
Clickbank: $0

Adsense: $90
Visitors: 4463
Clickbank: $28

This month so far (times 2 for projected earnings of this month)
Adsense: $48
Visitors: 2300
Clickbank: $23

I was approached by a company interested in purchasing my website. They said they typically offer 8-10 months revenue, and proceeds to ask where that leaves us. As of last month, my earnings totaled $120, which means I can definitely get $1200 for this website.

So the balls in my court. Just from analyzing the stats, my site has been on a steady increase in terms of visitors and revenue. I want to get as much money as I can for it. But I don't know just exactly how much I can get for it, or how much this site might sell for on other websites.

A little bit about me: I'm not much of an internet marketer. This is the only website I own that generates revenue. I hope to use the money I get to upgrade my DJ equipment, which is where my true passion lies.

What do you guys think I can milk out of these guys?
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