What's The Best Affiliate Software For Billing My Clients?

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Hello Warriors!

I'm trying to find some good affiliate software. Here's what I'm trying to do:

1. Hire a bunch of local affiliates to sell a phone service locally (and nationally).
2. Bill the clients via my merchant account or PayPal Business Merchant Account, on a regular monthly recurring fee, plus usage fees if they go over the allowed plan they choose.
3. Pay out a percentage to my sales force (affiliates) every month (including ongoing recurring fees), and offer some sort of reporting to them.

Right now my phone service has its own billing software that can generate an invoice automatically or me and the client, but I need to set up a separate system to do the billing part automatically or manually. I haven't set up a merchant account yet but I'm in the process of an application now, and also am considering PayPal.

Any suggestions? I'm looking for something inexpensive without a recurring monthly fee to use, preferably. It can run either online on a web site, or on my PC -- doesn't matter to me.

Thanks for any help!

~ Ryan Thompson
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